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Ten on Tuesday: Everyday Things

Ten on Tuesday10 Everyday Things That Make You Happy

Well, today (the past few) is about as non-everyday as it gets, but that's probably the best time to focus on the everyday things... the little things.

1. Morning coffee. Dark roast. Rusty makes it every morning. He pre-warms the thermal carafe with hot water, then pours that water into our coffee mugs (and my travel mug on work days) to warm them up, too!

2. My "back yard." The weather's been awful lately, but I love to take my knitting out to the pergola on nice days. The wooded ravine is behind me, freshly painted garage and house in front of me, and things are growing all around me... it's lovely and peaceful.

3. Flowers. The irises by the back porch, the lavender at the back of the garage, the container tomato plants on the patio... chicory and queen anne's lace at the side of the road... the purchase bouquet on the kitchen table.

4. Stopping at the coffee shop every morning. I always say hello to Frankie on my way in. As I'm leaving, I always say, "Have a good day, Frankie!" and he says, "I always do! You know that. I always have fun when I'm down here." Sometimes I deliver his morning oatmeal or a coffee refill; I always leave with a smile.

5. My zippy car. It's not particularly sporty or anything, but it does have some zip. I sure do love some zip!

6. Knitting. Everyday.

7. Tivo. Often accompanies the everyday knitting. And I hardly ever miss cable... I'll admit, I'd love to check out Dallas, but guess what? I'll live. And someday it'll be available somehow... if I'm still interested.

8. Mail. I love getting the mail... I love getting mail, but I also love the ritual of getting and sorting the mail.

9. Air conditioning. Our window units and fans are working OT this summer!

10. Family. Everyday. Near or far. Whether they're driving me nuts or not.

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My sister Ann modeled the finished TTL Mystery Shawl yesterday in nearly 100F weather! That's sisterly love for ya! More details on the shawl tomorrow.

I'm heading out shortly, part of the departure committee that will be delivering Ann, Brian, Mack & Addy to O'Hare as they begin a new chapter of their lives, living and working in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! All I can say is thank god for technology and the ability to stay in touch. It also helps to know that they'll be back to visit and that they (hopefully) won't be gone forever. Much as I'd like to and as great an opportunity as it would be, I'm not sure I'll be able to afford a trip down there, so I am truly happy about all the different ways we'll be able to keep in touch.

BONUS: #11. Technology!




Great list! So many lovely daily things on your list. My heart is sad for you as I know how much you'll miss your sister and the kids.
May today be full of all the things you love.


Love the Mystery Shawl in that color! Mine is blocked but needs the ends woven in so I can wear it.


I'm glad you got to write this list today of all days since I'm sure there's going to be sadness for you as you say goodbye to your sister and her family. If it makes you feel any better about not having cable, I watched the first few episodes of the new Dallas and I gave up on it.


Lovely list, Vicki. . . and lovely shawl, too! I'm thinking of all of you today -- I hate being away from my own sister (and she's in the same country, for crying out loud). As far as Dallas, Carole is right. The nostalgia-factor hooked me, but it didn't take long to get over that!


Love your list...and technology is on mine, too!

Robin F.

Loved the mellow tone of your list. I'm late to reading my google reader feed today- in fact it's tonite. I'm enjoying a cuppa tea while I read. Then back to working on my camp loopy project. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure you're missing your sister and her family already. Hugs


Nice list. You are a person who knows what's important in life.


aw, many of these are my basic needs too.


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