Warm Hands
Green: Day 1


FRANKIE!! A fixture at the coffee shop for almost as long as this has been a coffee shop... 13 years and counting. This is his favorite place to be... the place, he reminds me every morning, where he always has fun ("You know that!")... doing the things he most loves to do: sitting outside, drinking coffee, waving to everyone driving by, sometimes complaining about the loud and/or fast trucks, but mostly just loving life every gosh darn day, and chatting up all who sit down to share his table during the morning.

I'm pretty sure the paint is still wet in this photo. The final wrap up is yet to come. I just had to share this as soon as possible. It makes me so happy.

Have a great weekend, everyone!




What a great tribute!


Love, love, love it! You have a very talented family. The coffee shop painting looks like the real deal!!

Cheryl S.



That's an extremely good reason to being happy!


Wonderful, the mural and the coffee shop and Frankie!


Yay for an awesome mural!

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