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Hexi hiatus

"All hexagons all the time" can only go on for so long. They'll be my carry-around knitting for forever, it seems, but I just had to cast on and knit a while on something else yesterday.

Because none of the in-progress projects I have around here will do, I guess.

Not when startitis strikes! Behold:

Hm. I might have the knitting upside-down or sideways there. Oh well. Details soon... as soon as I figure out whether I'm going to like it. It's a little cardi-vest in fingering weight. I'm using my own Make.Do "Be" yarn in a color I called "All Mine." Heh, and it will be.

Random cat pic. LOL. It's our crabby ol' boy Scamp, and we love him so much. Look at that face!




I have a Scamp! His name is Brian and looks identical, except for the green eyes. I did a double take there for a moment.


That is one pretty Scamp! (So is the knitting. . .)


Scamp has very cool eyes and such a sweet face. I'm intrigued by your knitting.


This is very weird, I too took a break from my hexagons last night and started yet another project, we seem to be in sync with out hexagons lately.

Your Scamp is a handsome boy and this photo make me want to sink my fingers in all this beautiful gray goodness :)

Robin F.

Back from NYC and catching up on my reading. Love the knitting and the color is fabu. Kitty is extra cute. Trying to finish my Derecho.


Scamp is wondering why the interwebz are not skritching him behind the ears.


Love the knitting and the color - can't wait to see it grown up, and what a cool fellow Scamp is :^)


What a sweetheart! Love that blue face. And the knitting looks gorgeous as always...I haven't had the hexipuff bite yet, but it's hovering in the wings...

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