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Random Friday

  • Yep, one of those days.
  • I've finished knitting the bodice pieces for the sweater that I think I'm going to like.
  • Katie seems to like it, so there's that.
  • The hexi hiatus was on hiatus in the meantime... an' a one, an' a two!
  • There's still a week before the end of the month.
  • I love counting and stacking the hexagons.
  • Yes, simple pleasures and I'm easily amused!
  • Whole30 "practice" continues.
  • I chopped up a whole head of cauliflower and a couple bunches of broccoli to steam for last night's dinner.
  • Due to the hazards of multi-tasking and a lack of designated workspace, I found a piece of cauliflower in the Eucalan bath with the sweater pieces.
  • The pieces have been de-vegefied, washed, blocked and dried, and I'm ready to proceed.
  • This is one reason (two) why I'm so happy about the Whole30.

Web-2012-08-23 10.13.22

  • Ankles.
  • Also? Those sandals. People. This is one of two pair of sandals I bought earlier this summer, and it is the pair that I coveted on my neighbor.
  • Yesterday, I was able to wear them for the second time -- the first time being the previous day.
  • I have only been able to stuff my swollen sausage feet into them from time to time all summer.
  • Looking ridiculous -- like fat sausages stuffed into sandals -- I'd take them off and hope for a better day.
  • Hallelujah! Better days have come!
  • Is it Dairy?
  • Is it Grain?
  • Is it Sugar?
  • Who the hell cares?
  • Actually, I do care and I do intend to do the Whole30 and find out.
  • But right now: MAMA'S WEARIN' HER NEW SHOES!!
  • Happy dancin' in them, too.  ;)

Web-2012-08-23 06.55.51
Web-2012-08-23 06.55.51

  • And who doesn't love random photos? Especially of the sky (yesterday morning... it looks worse than it was).

Happy weekend y'all.




Yowza! How awesome you've seen such quick results. The shoes are darling and very stylin'. Keep up the happy dance! It's FRIDAY!


Plus, you already know how much I love the sky photos!

Robin F.

Enjoy your pretty new sandals. Personally I hate anything between my toes.


Yay! Keep up the good work!


hooray! sounds like a lovely random day. those are some great sandals.


Huzzah, look at dem ankles! You must be soooo pleased.


Wow! That is great news about your ankles. Edema stinks and I'm happy to say, mine is gone too. And my shorts fit. Hooray!


That's fantastic that the dietary changes you're making are already working - positive reinforcement right there.


I'm cheering you on with the Whole30! I ate all Japanese food (rice, rice rice) this weekend at a catering gig :(


Woot for ankles and wearing those sandals!

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