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Ten on Tuesday: Sweet tooth

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Favorite Candies in My Trick-or-Treat Bag

The world might shift a bit next Wednesday if I make it through my first candy-free Halloween. I am highly motivated, having lost another 3 pounds last week, and even though a good candy bar is tempting... emphasis is on "good" and, well, Halloween just isn't special enough!

I was very surprised at the loss last week! Not that I did anything different, it's just that I'm waiting for a bump or to land on a plateau -- that's the way it's always been! This steady downward trajectory is kind of blowing my mind. I'm waiting for my body to say, "Whoa, it's been a fun ride, but we're just going to hold here for a bit a regroup!" We'll see.

So, ever since I was a kid, these have been my favorite things to find in my (or my siblings' or kids') Trick-or-Treat bags (though many of them were so much better back in the day... sort of disappointing in comparison).

1. Mounds

2. Almond Joy

3. Three Musketeers

4. Peanut Butter Cup

5. Milky Way

7. Snickers

8. Kit Kat

9. Smartees

10. Kisses

Did you used to spread out all the loot on the living room floor and trade with your sibs? Or beg your kids to share?




Oh yeah, my brother and I always spread everything out and bartered over stuff. My goal every year was to make my Halloween candy last until Easter and I usually did it. My brother - not so much.


Great list - happy ToT!


I would "check" the candy to see if anything was tampered with. Funny how the Mounds bars always were taken out of the bag because "mommy thinks these look funny".


Yep, those'll do! :-)

My sister and I used to have elaborate trade and bartering systems for our Halloween candy. Seems like it used to last at least until Thanksgiving.

(And you are so AWESOME, Vicki! Total lifestyle changes always bring about the most substantial and lasting weight loss. Just remember . . . "We don't need no stinkin' Halloween candy!")


Trading candy with my brother was definitely part of the entire Halloween experience. Good times :-)


My brothers and I never traded. You were on your own with what you were able to get.


All chocolate except for the kisses! My kind of girl.
I haven't bought any Hallowe'en candy for us. And I do mean for us as we get no trick or treaters out here on this rural route. The first year I was kinda sad but I'm over it now. There will be pumpkin seeds to roast!
My sister had already stopped trick or treating when I started so the loot was all mine. I did give those kisses to my mum as she loved them. Just thinking about them now makes my molars loose!
Did things taste better then or are our palates (ahem) mature?


Smartees! Oh how I loved Smartees! I still like a good Almond Joy on occasion.
We siblings bartered and we also bartered with neighbor kids and cousins. The amount of candy in a household of 5-6 kids is stunning.


Oh yes....the trading. I would trade just about anything for Tootsie Rolls and Mallow Cups.


There was the candy inventory, and sometimes swapping. But first, we had to pay the 'Dad Tax'. He got to choose 5 pieces of candy off the top. If we whined at his first choice, which was always something yummy, he'd take other things that we would be disappointed to lose. If we shared without complaint, he'd take one good thing and the others things he knew we didn't love.


My mom liked to "inspect" the candy. She is a little honey bee and loves her sweets!

Robin F.

My brothers and I would trade and we would leave the unwanted ones with my mom to distribute. Since our neighborhood was so big we made many trips back to the house to unload.

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