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Ten on Tuesday: Weekend Update

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things I Did Last Weekend

1. Saturday is my unofficial weigh-in day. It's something I shouldn't actually be doing -- I can see and feel my progress in so many other ways -- but old habits die hard. At least I do it only once a week rather than daily. And did you hear a WOOHOO? As of last Saturday, -19.2 lbs! I wore my beautiful wedding ring all day on Sunday for the first time in YEARS, and it didn't feel like a tourniquet on my finger.

2. It was the coldest farmer market morning yet! It was windy, too, but thankfully mostly sunny and no rain; we've been extremely lucky in the precipitation department this year. The house felt like an inferno when I got home! I thought, MY.GOD, WHO TURNED UP THE HEAT SO HIGH? WHAT IS IT TURNED UP TO, ANYWAY? Haha, yeah, 66F... feels like an inferno after a windy 48F morning outside. It's possible that was our last market of the season.

3. While looking for an electrical adapter, I found a few boxes of old slides that I'd been resigned to having lost forever. They are slides of me, my sibs, and cousins from late '60s-early '70s, even a few through the late '80s, that my grandmother gave me some years ago. So happy to have found that treasure!!

4. I found the electrical adapter! You know, one of those 3-prong to 2- adapters that are indispensible to people who live in old houses. With it, I was able to plug in my flash in the location I desired...

5. ...and take pictures of yarn!

6. After processing those photos, I *finally* uploaded them to Make.Do so that, maybe, I could finally try and sell some -- sport- and lace-weight are currently listed, more to come!

7. I Skyped with my sister Annie in Brazil for the first time! I talked with Mack & Addy, too. Mack played a song on his recorder, and Addison read me a story (learning to read!!) and also sang a song in Portugese. We did Skype-y air kisses, and I can't wait to hug them again!!

8. Boy, did I sleep! A very early (for me) bedtime on Friday and a bit of a sleep-in on Sunday made for two nearly 10-hour sleeps in a row. I'm pretty sure I was fighting off a little something, and Saturday morning took more out of me than a normal market morning.

9. I knit (another FO soon!) and watched the football game with Mom on Sunday. It hasn't been a very fun year for Cheeseheads so far, and I hope we step it up soon. I've been having fun with my fantasy team, though my record there isn't very good, either.

10. On Sunday evening I was trying to print out some shipping labels and sent them to the networked printer in the other room, um, numerous times. Because, you know, if something doesn't print the first (or second or third) time, you just send it again and again! I finally emailed them to myself and printed them directly from that computer. Then I wanted to find a recipe online but my connection was broken. It turns out that my old router died -- not before a last gasp, when all those mailing labels I'd sent came forth. It was just past closing time for anyplace but a big box department store and I sure didn't want to break my streak and go to W... and couldn't remember if Target's electronics department went that deep. I took a drive over there, anyway. They do have routers but only wireless ones; it turns out that most of them work for wired connections, too, and the helpful clerk told me that I should go check my ports before plunking down my money. It turns out that old router was redundant (left in place mainly for convenience) and with just a little switching around I was back in business. SCORE!

It was a pretty fab weekend.


Kristi aka FiberFool

Sounds like a great weekend all around! Congrats on the weight loss and the ring! I'm totally jealous of your sleep. It has been alluding me as of late. I'm lucky to get 6 hours and more often than not it seems it has been 4. I just can't seem to stay asleep right now.


Sleeping is always good! pretty yarn, esp that purple!


How nice that you fixed your router problem without spending any money on it. And yeah, I know what you mean about those outlet adapters, we still have a few of those types of outlets, too. Excellent news on the weight loss, even better that you are feeling so good.


Congrats on the weight loss! That is fantastic and it is so hard to do. Sleep is a good thing too. I'm a little lacking myself right now, but maybe tonight will be my night....


At first I thought I'd already read this post, but the realized I keep up with you on FB. The best news is your wedding ring! You truly had a fabulous weekend, an enviable one.

Robin F.

Your loss is impressive but I still can't bring myself to give up that much of my fav foods.
The purple and pumpkin are gorgeous and I've made a note to myself to buy some when I have the extra $$. I just had a trip to Briar Rose and did major damage to the yarn budget. Enjoy wearing your wedding ring-like it was new again!


Congrats on the weight loss and the sleep! Both good things. I just ordered me some Pumpkin. Can't wait to get it!


Ooooh, that Light-to-Dark Lavender is wonderful. Sooo much change in the shading! Shows off that cowl pattern beautifully.

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