Ali's getting married!
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The ring

It's my grandmother's!

I used to wear it all.the.time when I was in high school... at least until my mother saw it and would make me go home and put it away. So pretty. So romantic. Grandma died when I was 8, and this was one of the most tangible things to evoke what few memories I had. It's such a teensy tiny yet very sparkly diamond, and the filigree setting is just beautiful.

In other news: What in the world am *I* going to wear?? Most mother-of-the-bride dresses make me want to barf. I want nice but not too dressy, and with a vintage flair? I have eight months...




Well alrighty...I like the way you think! Many, many congratulations to you and yours! Enjoy the time ahead.


Great ring and story.


Don't look for a "mother of the bride" dress. Go for something that you like, that fits well given that you're dropping pounds, and makes you feel pretty.

Steph VW

Something classy. I agree: do not even entertain the thought of looking for a mother of the bride dress, just find something that you love.

Fleur Cotton

Oh what lovely news, and what a beautiful ring.

How lovely to have something to plan for, whatever you choose you must go for something that makes you feel comfortable .... and who says you have to have a 'mother of the bride' dress . . if I had to choose I would be in classy trouser suit with a feminine blouse instead...but hey that's me!! Whatever you choose enjoy every minute of the planning.

Fleur xx


That's a beautiful ring and the sentimental value of it is the best. You will find something you love to wear, I'm sure. You could always have something made if you can't find something in a store.


You'll find it, don't worry. Formal dresses are weird, aren't they?
It's hard to find something between prom queen and mother-of-the-bride, but not impossible!


The ring is perfect and even more wonderful for all the memories it holds of your families generations of women. You have time and who knows what size you'll be by then. Keep an eye out for something unique. You'll know when it comes along.

Robin F.

Great ring. I have my grandmothers ring. It is a similar style. I am saving it for my girls. Look for a dress you love not a mother of the bride dress. Does Ali have a vintage dress to wear?


I think you need to take a trip to NYC and search the upscale thrift stores. Maybe you'll find a vintage Dior!


What a beautiful're so lucky to have it to pass along. :-)


Pinterest, m'dear. You will find Just The Thing.


Absolutely beautiful. I wear my great-grandmother's ring all the time. It's been passed down through the generations, and my daughter is already talking about how one day, it'll be hers :)


So lovely! My engagement ring was my husband's great-grandmother's engagement ring, and was also my mother in law's engagement ring. I love having an older ring, it's so different from what most people have, and gets lots of comments.

Congrats to Ali and the lucky guy!

Cheryl S.

How wonderful for her to have such a special ring.


what a pretty ring - and how wonderful that Ali gets to wear it everyday! Katie's wedding is May 18 and I'm not going to let myself think about my dress til after Christmas. I'd love it if you'd go dress shopping first and let me know how it goes :-)


Shop for the MOB dress how you shop for any dress- fits you,in style and size. Your girls wouldn't want you any other way, right?when in doubt,a simple sheath dress can be accessories and looks great on anyone.


Hi Vicki, If I comment this late, will you still see it?
You should check out one of my favorite catalogs for a potential MOB dress if you are looking for "vintage" style:
Best of luck!


I will be doing mother of the groom dress shopping in the near future as our son gets married next July. I dread shopping - especially for something dressy. I am hoping to lose some weight first...may have to re-read your posts on the changes you have made.

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