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Today we took a trip to Art Imig's (since 1905) in Sheboygan.

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I'd recently asked Facebook for "local" recommendations if one had a wedding dress from the late 1950s that, while just barely spared relegation to the "dress up box," was not exactly treated as a treasured heirloom, and now one's daughter wanted to wear it! Who knew?? I received at least two recommendations for Art Imig's.

The dress is very dirty, having spent a couple of years collecting dust while displayed on a mannequin in my bedroom. There's a splotch of light green (latex) paint on it, and another unidentified stain (possibly beverage), plus a bit of yellowing in certain areas that will probably not ever completely disappear. Mum had done some remodeling of the sleeves herself prior to her Big Day... and there are some additional tears and frayed edges from use and wear and carelessness. It's actually not too bad, considering everything. It fits Ali well to a point, but some alterations will definitely have to be made -- and she has ideas.

Step 1: Clean the dress.
Step 2: Determine overall condition and whether to proceed.
Step 3: If proceeding, further consult with tailoring/alterations.

Both of the women we met with today were very excited about the project, and that makes me feel good.

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Then it was time for lunch! We visited Field to Fork and it was delicious! Along with the recommendations for Imig's, there were recommendations for lunch! It looks like there'll be at least a couple more trips to Art Imig's in the coming months, so maybe we'll be able to visit them all!




Fingers crossed the dress works out to be perfect for Ali. The name of the restaurant is enticing. How nice it lived up to its name.


It always makes me feel confident when a craftman is happy to be working on whatever project I have (plumbing, picture framing, whatever). Well, maybe not if the dentist is smiling too much, but otherwise, it inspires confidence.


I can't wait to find out how it works out.


What an exciting time this is for all of you.


How exciting! I love that there are people out there willing to tackle projects like this. Not only must they be very skilled problem-solvers, but they must have Big Hearts, as well! I can't wait to see what happens next!

Robin F.

Looking forward to the results. Good luck


What a wonderful idea to resurrect your mother's dress.
My own mother's dress was shortened and as was the fashion at the time, dyed black for re-wearing. Too bad because I liked it a lot.
Can't wait to see it.


If I were an employee/tailor at Art Imig's and you brought in a 50-yo wedding dress that a young woman hoped to be able to wear at her upcoming wedding, I would be excited, too! What a lovely challenge, with the prospect of lots of memories, both old and new, being sparked by it. Please keep us updated on the progress.

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