Thanksgiving II
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It's just another random Monday

Update on Thanksgiving II:

  • The turkey breast was a little dry; luckily, there was some delicious self-made "gravy" as accompaniment.
  • The Pecan-Crusted Sweet Potatoes were one of the simplest things to prepare and were a huge hit! Absolutely delicious.
  • I ended up just cooking and mashing the parsnips as I would for mashed potatoes; simple and delicious.
  • Katie's Salt-Roasted Beets with Whipped Goat Cheese & Pistachio Vinaigrette... well, what more can I say? YUM. She blogged them here, with recipe!
  • Sauteed green beans -- also simple, also delicious.
  • Mom's Corn Pudding and Fruit Salad are family traditions and are always a hit.
  • I haven't even tasted Ali's Pumpkin Loaf yet -- it looks delicious, but she was disappointed. She did some crazy crust stuff with the Cherry Pie; it was delicious and the cherries were from Rod's back yard!
  • Rusty made a mostly rice flour crust for his Apple Pie. Yum.
  • I made the Everyday Paleo Pumpkin Pie and remembered the sweetener this time (used a tiny bit less than called for); also used pumpkin that I'd cooked and frozen and it wasn't quite as solid, so had to bake a bit longer. Also? It was still warm when served. I had a piece from the fridge later and was reminded that I definitely prefer my pumpkin pie to be completely cooled!

We sent a bunch of leftovers home with Maddy, so my container drawer is a little emptier than usual, but had to share. Katie's been in awe of my organizational/nesting abilities, and recently told me that it looks like a work of art.

Web-2012-11-26 09.04.33

We usually have one leaf in our round oak dining table. Last Thursday, I put in the other two and then left it that way -- a mile long -- for Sunday's feast. Then I decided that we should take them all out!

Web-2012-11-26 09.05.14
It suits the area much better that way, and there's so much room!! There are usually only two, sometimes three, sitting there at any give meal these days, and perhaps less horizontal surface area will mean that less crap will end up there.

Web-2012-11-24 11.54.53
I had fun re-vamping and re-stocking my little yarnie area at Ali's for Small Business Saturday. A while back I scored a great display rack for flip-flops that works wonderfully for hanks of yarn and patterns. It even came with a round sign that I had re-done with one of my yarn ball logos. All the packing and shipping is done at the moment, but have some dye-to-orders to play with yet this afternoon.

And fit in a visit to the hair salon! It's a jam-packed day off of work.

Knitting? I'm working on some Christmas presents! And also Marin (it's like a present for me).



Everything sounds delicious. My leftover containers are always a mess, I'm jealous that yours are so neatly arranged!


Wow! Your yarn area looks like a real yarn shop! And your Thanksgiving foods sound incredible. I made the Pecan crusted Sweet Potatoes (followed your lead) and the were fabulous! So easy, so tasty...that one is a keeper.


love all the updates - and I just spent a good half hour reading through Katie's blog (thanks for the link - I enjoyed every word and photo!).... what a wonderful way to end my Monday. thank you!!

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