Veteran's Day

My McGunnegle

My McGunnegle

Started in March when I went to the Knit-in in Madison. It's been finished for a month, and still no model shot! My mother-in-law was a McGunnegle, hence the name change.

It's been one of those days when I've been running around a lot, but feel as thought I'm not accomplishing much. I did manage a wee update of the Make.Do Shop today! That's something. Tomorrow, I'd like to get some dyeing done.

It's been a busy week of work and celebrating! I enjoyed a belated birthday dinner with Mom, Kate, Ali, and Rod (my future son-in-law) last night, and on Wednesday we celebrated Rod's daughter's (that would be my future granddaughter) 13th birthday.


Um, yeah! There's a lot of stuff to get used to around here these days!! Rod is wonderful, his daughter is a delight, and Alison is so, so happy. Can't argue with that.

Off to see SKYFALL tonight -- some scenes shot in the Highlands, I swear James Bond parked his car in exactly the same spot we did!




Oooh what a beautiful FO. I love the color and the pattern. Now that I know about the name change, I love the family connection, too. Congratulations on the good news! ; )


Blending families is a wonderful thing. I'm so glad that Alison is so happy!


So exciting! New family members to add to the festive table. And that hat!

Robin F.

You're doing a good job of blending Alison's family into yours. Love the hat.


Love, love, love that color!
Your family is rich enough with love and acceptance a granddaughter will fit right in. A very happy daughter makes all things right.


The more, the merrier. . . I always say! It sounds like lots of excitement out your way -- of the best possible kind. (And the hat. So.Perfect.)

kelli ann

Amazing hat! Cyrille took the boys to see Skyfall yesterday afternoon, and insisted on VO English. (I mean, James Bond, dubbed into French! Honestly...) they loved it. Sounds like you've had a great week...


Wow that hat is gorgeous, the pattern & yarn both!

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