Setting the stage
Sticky fingers

On the needles

This is Eisig-Warm. I bought the colorful yarn at Wisconsin Sheep & Wool in September -- I'm not sure who the vendor was and the yarn didn't have a tag, I just remember that it was called "Pansy" and that's all I needed to know. It's beautiful, very soft, and I'm gonna say alpaca.

I've already started a few different projects with that yarn but none of them sang. Eisig-Warm has been in my Favorites for a while and thought I'd give it a try. How hard could it be to find companion colors with that palette? I cast on and knit the first section, then went stash diving.

Well, it's harder than you might think! It took several tries to come up with this arrangement. I really thought I'd find something in among the stashed odds & ends -- one of those extra hanks of Cascade 220 that I used for St. Brigid, for example (it looked "okay," but not great).

I decided to check my meager store of hand-dyed in a weight that would work and Lo! It's sort of freaky how well these go together. I'm quite a bit further now than the picture shows -- that yellow really pops, but I'm thinking it will all work perfectly once wrapped 'round my neck.

A little pop is good, right?

In need of some travel knitting, and quite smitten with Margene's new Ragtops, I know I ran across some marinating stash that would be perfect for another pair (or four). I have two pair already, one in each cuff variation, but both in the same rather bright yarn!

At this time, I'd like to thank President Barack Obama for visiting Austin-Straubel International Airport in Green Bay this morning instead of tomorrow morning!! I'm taking wing for a quick birthday weekend get away -- any guesses where?




Those colors are beautiful and yes, a little POP is good. So where are you going? Spill it!


You're going? I hope you're not going to NYC.
Have fun regardless! The colors are perfect for Eisig.

Kristi aka FiberFool

I *love* your "pop"! I think it'll really suit the pattern well, Vicki!


Oh, no! Another great cowl, and I haven't even found all the colors for my Simple Sprinkle yet. Happy Birthday! (I had no idea you had such pull at the White House. ;^)


I love those colors, even more than the ones used in the Eisig-Warm pattern. I have no idea where you are going, but have a wonderful time!


The colours do go well together! I personally would have never reached for that greeny-blue, but it fits right in, and I love it! BTW, did you know that the pattern's name means "icy warm"? Me likes that...

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