Ten on Tuesday: On my mind
Flying the friendly skies


Well, I had a great post going about my wonderful trip to San Francisco, which I saved numerous times during the course of writing and inserting photos. I was just about finished when I inserted the last few photos, saved, and somehow everything else was completely wiped out. It's not the first time this has happened and, well, it just takes the wind right out of my sail.

I'll try to muster it back up again for tomorrow.

Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes! And thank you for voting.




I hate it when that happens. Wisconsin did our country proud yesterday, so thank YOU.


You picture works with the word "poof"! The footsteps will be gone with the next wave. I'd love to be walking on the beach about now.


What a lovely view, Vicki! Wish I was there right now. Looks so peaceful. (Sorry about your post. I just hate when that happens.)


Lovely photo.


I helped WI do the right thing on Tuesday :-) Although my local assembly and senate races were not successful, in spite of my vote. Oh, well, next time.

How can a post blow away in the wind when it is already saved? Demons, I think...

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