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Random house and tree


Well, I thought I'd muster more today, but it just never happened and now my brain cells have left the building. When all else fails, a quick troll through "My Pictures" usually turns up something. This is one of the first photos I took on Scottish soil on our trip there (almost two years ago)! I guess Scotland's on my mind after seeing the latest James Bond movie.

It's hard to believe Katie will be attending school there at this time next year. She's so excited, she's doing research and writing a paper for practice -- and loving it and also speaking French. C'est oui. Heh. Soon enough, she'll be writing essays and papers for reals.

The days sure can drag sometimes, but the months are moving right along, and that's all gonna be happening right quick.




I really love that photo.


Katie did it! You've quickly become an International family!

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