Ten on Tuesday: Warm hands

Seasonal knitter

All of my girls know how to knit, though they are definitely "seasonal" knitters -- inspired by fashion and, well, usually the weather. Every once in a while, they get an itch... and get it bad! Katie got one on our recent trip to Chicago.

Itchin' for cowls! Cowls have been huge for a while now. One of the great things about them is that there's a style for everyone!

After some research on Ravelry, it was The Rime Frost Cowl that struck the loudest note. Resistant to creating an account of her own, there've been a number of cowls recently added to *MY* Favorites, in addition to all the mittens due to yesterday's Ten on Tuesday topic!

With a good idea about what to shop for in terms of yarn weight and yardage, we considered many possibilities -- fiber content, construction and, not least, color -- before choosing a couple of balls of Rowan Alpaca Chunky. I had a "reward" credit at Iris Fine Yarns, too, and was happy to have her use it!

Katie borrowed needles and cast on right away so she could take it with her to work and have something to do on her Monday late-shift dinner break. She knit a while after she got home and then, again, on Tuesday (her day off).

Not only did she finish the cowl on Tuesday morning, she went shopping for MORE yarn for ANOTHER cowl -- this time the GAP-tastic Cowl.

And (this slays me) she admitted to watching YouTube videos about knitting while she was knitting -- adding a new ball of yarn, weaving in ends, finishing circular knitting.

Yes, indeedy.

And (t)here is your dagger! The first cowl -- in the luscious and rather pricey Rowan yarn -- is just a bit more snug than Katie would like, so she is going to frog it and re-knit, adding another repeat. There's plenty of yarn and it's such a quick knit.

Yeah, her own Ravelry account can't be far off now! Though this could very well be the extent of her knitting until next winter, too. Heh.

* * * * *

Do me a favor and think all the good thoughts today for someone close to me. XO




All the good thoughts I can muster are coming your way! Cowls are so hot right now. Maybe Katie will have a whole wardrobe full by the time winter is over.


I will think all kinds of good thoughts for you. We could use some in our direction right now, too. Cowls are a big deal but I don't like how they make my hair get all static-y.

Linda P

Good7 thoughts are heading your way and toward that someone who is special to you! I hope all will be well.


Good thoughts in transit! XOXO

It must be such fun to watch your girls knit! My own girl has no desire to knit for herself, although she will gladly accept and wear handknits herself!


good thoughts on their way!


Good thoughts for your loved one and all those in need during this season.


Good thoughts on the way!


Just keep reeling her in, slowly and surely. She'll officially be One of Us before she knows what hit her.

Many good thoughts to you and your loved one today.

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