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Ten on Tuesday: Warm hands

Ten on Tuesday: (Only) 10 (of The Many, and In No Particular Order) Favorite Mitts/Mittens Patterns That I May or May Not Ever Knit, or Possibly Have Knit (even Twice or Thrice), or Dream of Someday Knitting

There are 60+ such patterns in my Ravelry Favorites, and I never really scope them out. I haven't even looked at my Pinterest boards.


1. Dimorphous Mittens (pictured above) by Miriam Felton. I gave this pair away as a gift. I must knit another someday!

2. Squirrel Sampler Mittens by Adrian Bizilia at Hello Yarn.

3. The elusive (to me) Latvian Mitten(s).

4. Hollywood! I fell head-over-heels in love with Miriam's Vivien Leigh, Lauren Bacall, and Joan Crawford gloves.

5. Emma's Mittens. Seriously scrumptious texture.

6. Eve. More enchanting texture -- and beads! There are some other gorgeous patterns there, too.

7. The playful Kittens Mittens.

8. There are some incredible cat mittens available, I am also somewhat partial to these Cat Mittens. I love the inclusion of so many appropriate motifs!

9. Fibonacci-Stripe Mittens, of course!

Ragtop 1+2

10. R-A-G-G-T-O-P-P... Ragtop!




You have some very cool, and ambitious, knitting in your future!


Great list!! Somehow I made it through last year with only one pair of handknit mittens, and that has resulted in my fixation with them. If only I had the time. You've given me some great mittens to add to my queue, and I'm sure I will enjoy knitting them next summer, lol.


Love Ragtop! So simple and perfect!


This topic is killin' me! I love mittens . . . and everywhere I look. . . MORE patterns I (somehow) haven't stumbled upon.


There are SO many great mitten patterns - my queue grew a lot yesterday!


Great list! Can't believe I haven't seen the kitten mittens before ... how wonderful are they?


Ohh, I love the Hollywood mitts!


I just love the Squirrel Sampler Mittens! Also Emma's Mittens.


You know, my favorite mittens ever were the Latvian mittens from your knitaling! I really need to finish those!

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