O Tannenbaum
Makin' do


Working in the kitchen early this evening -- I'm not sure what I was doing exactly, peeling sweet potatoes, wrapping chicken thighs in bacon, prepping asparagus, doing dishes, washing my hands for the umpteenth time -- I heard Maddy & Katie talking and laughing on the back porch. Maddy had made a fire in the fire pit and they were just hanging out. Before long Ali joined them, with Rod and his daughter, and there was even more!

It's one of the things I love most -- have always loved -- about the holidays: listening to people talk and laugh. Oh, especially the laughter.

Happy Thanksgiving!




It's a wonderful sound.


A houseful of loved ones...Vicki's happiest moments.


You have such a wonderful attitude. If it had been me working in the kitchen while the rest of the family talked and laughed around the fire pit, I would have been tempted to be resentful. Laugh on!

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