Growth of a knitter, and a favor

This 'n that

Here and there.

Ups and downs.

Six of this, half-dozen of another.

In another word: Frazzled.

Once again with thanks to Kym...

Here's what's going on in my life... Right Now...

Watching... I am trying to keep up with all my Tivo'd shows! And I only get over-the-air (antenna) network TV! I can't imagine trying to keep up with favorites on cable, which I don't really even think about anymore.

Reading... I am not reading much. Cookbooks. Knitting patterns. Sometimes the local paper (interesting series right now about the orphan train). That's the extent of it right now. I might soon be kicked out of my book club.

Knitting... Lord. What am I not knitting? There's a kid's cap, some mitts, Christmas gifts, a couple of shawls I think... some sweaters I've left hanging... it's a frenzy over here and I've sort of lost track.

Listening to... Christmas music, actually. PTXmas by Pentatonix, for one. I loved them on The Sing Off, sadly cancelled and I'm really going to miss that show!

Thinking about... My family.

Dreading... Putting up the Christmas tree.

Humming... One More Night. What? It's so darn catchy.

Planning... Christmas. Menus. Knitting. Gifts.

Excited about... The Christmas Parade, actually! The weather is going to be very mild. Afterwards, Ali will have a table set up at the coffee shop with supplies galore for writing (Cards &) Letters To The Troops!

Drinking... Trying to drink lots of water! I have my bit of coffee every morning.Then some water. Often a mint tea in the afternoon. My "treat" has been a chai tea latte made with a little unsweetened almond milk. I am also on a quest for Cachaca, though, thinking that Caipirinha would be the appropriate designated beverage of Christmas around here this year.

Itching to... Get some dyeing done.

Needing to... Finalize my list and keep plugging along on the Christmas knitting. It all seems quite do-able right now. Let's hope!

Organizing... My yarn stash needs to be organized! I am toying with the idea of a yarn swap, too. Or, more my style these days, just a big ol' donation of yarn and whatnot to a school or center.

Inspired by...

Delighted by... My new boots that I haven't worn yet. They'll debut on Saturday night at The End of The World Show -- which hopes to run through December 29th.

How about YOU?  What's going on for you. . . right now?

* * * * *

Congratulations, finally, to Julia in KW! I didn't do it precisely at noon on Thanksgiving Day, as promised, but I finally did draw a random name and it was Julia's!

* * * * *

And, what do you know? With that, it's a wrap on another NaBloPoMo!

Happy weekend, ever'body!




The only thing on my mind is the weekend! (I'll be happy with a plain old whiskey tonight. TGIF! I'm thinking about you, too.


I do love Kym's list of -ING words! and your optimism about the christmas knitting. I only have 3 projects to finish - 2 are started, none are all that big...but I'm not nearly as confident as you I'll finish. happy weekend!


You've got a lot on your plate right now, be kind to yourself. Our Christmas parade is today and I'm riding in the fire truck with my cousin, Len. I'm very excited about it! Dale and the guys in his band are the parade marshals, celebrating their 40 years together. It's going to be FUN.


i loved The Sing-Off--such a positive show with pure music as focus. it's nice to see PTX going on to do good things.

best of luck with all your holiday preparations!


Thanks for NaBloPoMo! It was great knowing I would hear from you every day. :)


Busy . . . right now . . . isn't it? Here's to a great month ahead. (And. About those boots? Oh, yeah!)

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