Ten on Tuesday: On my mind

Traveling knitter's progress

Cast on first mitt at Green Bay and was nearly finished upon arrival at San Francisco. I finished it off last night after a busy day, and cast on the second for the return flight. Progress isn't quite as good, but I'm in Minneapolis and am working the thumb gusset and that's not bad. Full report on my birthday get-away is coming!

2012-11-05 18.35.05.jpg



I'd say you've made excellent progress on the knitting considering how much other fun was thrown in on your trip!


I know what those are... and I need another pair, too! (Love that lovely shade of green.) Oh, and welcome home.


Excellent progress!


Can't wait to hear the report - and VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!


Pictures and a report! Can't wait to hear and see what's up! Happy Birthday, dear friend! Glad you could get away for a fun weekend.

Cheryl S.

The thumb gusset! The fun part!
Happy Birthday!

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