Snow day!

A story

Once upon a time there were four sisters; from l-to-r, twins Sharon & Karen, the baby Ann, and the best big sister in the whole wide world, Vicki. (Heh.) On occasion they'd all be in the same place at the same time and someone would suggest taking pictures!

One of the sisters (Sharon) never liked picture-taking time very much, and this time began to grump and complain about Karen being too close and touching her.

Vicki & Ann gave a demonstration on appropriate behavior and how to sit next to each other without touching.

Ann continued by giving an example of inappropriate and in-your-face behavior.

Sharon responded in typical Sharon fashion, grabbing Karen's boob! "I've got your touching right here!"

Vicki exclaimed, "OMG! Really? You really DID that?"

Then their mom came and sat down in the middle and everyone was on their best behavior for the rest of the day.

The end.

* * * * *

We all sure had some good times together.

* * * * *

Remembering my sister Sharon today -- June 15, 1960-December 17, 2010 -- and missing her always.




Sending love and light as you remember the happy times along with the sad. ♥


I know today must be a bad day but I love that you found light and laughter in your memories - this is a wonderful post!


I love this post - what a great way to remember your sister and remind us all to make those happy memories with those we love.


Your family stories are always beautiful, full of joy, love and yet, poignant. Sending you a big hug, my friend.


It's fun to remember happy memories! Thanks for sharing.

Michelle B.

I love seeing your family pictures. So unfair that you lost your sister much too young.


A hug for you today my friend.

Cheryl S.

A sweet remembrance, and a lovely memory.


Bittersweet... like life. Sending you love.


Sending (((hugs)))


I love the way you chose to share the memory with us, thank you and hugs (a bit late but I hope they will still help!)


Such a beautiful story, Vicki. (Beautiful women, too.)


That is such a beautiful series of photos. And such a lot of love and fun wrapped up in them.

Robin F.

Thanks for sharing. May your heart be lightened by the laughter you shared.

gale zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

That's the best kind of memory--just laughing and being together. Thanks for posting it. It's a good reminder to appreciate the every day. XOX


What a lovely set of pictures. *hugs*


Thank you for sharing these pictures! I worked with Sharon for many years. Bill told me to look up your blog. Sharon was a remarkable woman and I was blessed to have known her.

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