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Ten on Tuesday: Humming along

Growth of a knitter, and a favor

Favor first: Would you mind clicking over to Small Business Big Wishes and casting a vote for Alison's wish for new windows at Kaukauna Coffee & Tea? That would be so awesome! Poor Frankie... it can get a little chilly in his favorite spot by the window, and sometimes the condensation makes it hard to see -- and, you know, seeing and being seen is what it's all about! I believe you can vote once a day. The rules state: Each person may vote one (1) time for any particular Submission during the Contest Period. Multiple votes received from any person or email address in excess of the stated number will be void. (etc.) Thank you!!

Tree's up! Partially decorated -- Maddy would kill me if we didn't leave some for her.

Katie did indeed finish The Rime Frost Cowl, then frogged and re-knit it, adding a repeat, and I have to say that it's PERFECT that way! It's very cozy and soft -- and if she wasn't a yarn snob before, this has certainly pushed her in that directon.

She's already made one GAP-tastic Cowl and yarn-shopped for a second over the weekend. Plus she shopped my stash to make Hannah Fettig's Early Morning Beret, using black Lamb's Pride Worsted. Working on the beret yesterday, first borrowing a circular needle, then asking how to M1, and finally coming downstairs last night for DPNs and more stitch markers -- she must be close to finishing!

The revelation moments are my favorite... when they start talking to me about the pros & cons of different types of needles, discussing the properties of yarn, or musing on the fact that there are really only two "stitches" that you need to know -- the magic happens through combination and/or manipulation.

And? Did I not call it? Kate created a Ravelry account of her own! I think she has one thing in her favorites (the beret) and I'm her one and only friend (though I don't think she's even friended me back yet!) -- she may never use it for anything other than searching, but I'll definitely show her how to enter a project, and let her know how great it is to be able to refer to your own notes about a specific thing.

Yeah, and photos soon!!

Craptastic photo of my super awesome boots!

We went to an art opening on Saturday night and I debuted my boots! Ridiculously happy, I might be wearing dresses and skirts more this winter just so I can wear my boots! There's no way I'd be able to tuck jeans into them, but tights and leggings are no problem.

The gallery was just a few doors down from one of the best liquor stores in our area and I found some cachaca! Now we just need limes and we're set to make our designated beverage -- caipirinha -- of this holiday season! Saúde!

Oh! I almost forgot... I recorded a 2.4-lb. loss last week. That puts me a half-pound away from a total of 30 pounds lost since about early August. I am seeing numbers on the scale that didn't think I'd ever see again!!



Steph VW

You are amazing! 30 pounds since August!


Love your new boots! I got some this year, too, and it's so fun to wear them. And I voted!


I will vote once a day! Love the shape of your tree and it's a perfect size, too! Your voice certainly is full of happiness for the season, for the knitting, for your family the poundage lost, oh and, for the boots! Love it!


I voted! The new boots are fab. :) And congrats on the continued good work on the healthy body!


Yay for you!

Re: voting. One can vote once FROM EACH DEVICE. I voted earlier on my iPad and just voted again on my computer.


Almost 30 - amazing! Also amazing, the number of lights on that tree!

Julia in KW

Awesome personal news...2+ lbs!!! And voted (I got new windows this past year and certainly do love them!)


now that is a post full of wonderful news! love the growth (and the shrinking :-) of the knitters!! as a teacher, I know the joy when those dots start to connect. it's the best, isn't it? (and even better when it's your daughter - my katie hasn't gotten that far yet, but she does understand the construction of a stitch and can tell when she's messed up...even if she doesn't always know how to fix it!)

Linda P

Just voted. Here's hoping she gets those new windows! Congratulations on your weight loss. Your tree looks fabulous. We are no where near having ours up. Sigh.
Your boots are great! Congrats, too, on all the knitting going on at your house.

Robin F.

Vote-DONE. Boots-FABULOUS. New knitter-Inspiring. Wt. loss- Encouraging. I'm reading "It starts with food"


Wonderful news. Can you give up another post on the World30. Wondering if you added any foods back? I'm reading "it starts with food" as well and it seems daunting to begin but oh so necessary in my case. Thanks

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