Party season begins!
Year in Review: 2012

It's beginning

This makes me so happy. The boxes for Toys For Tots and another to benefit a local Emergency Shelter were delivered -- empty -- to the coffee shop about a week before Thanksgiving. I'd look at them every morning when I stopped on my way to work and, every morning, they were just as empty as the day before. On Black Friday, released a bit early from work, I decided to go shopping... to prime the pump, as it were, on these boxes. It appears to have worked! Ha. It was fun to do, especially since I didn't really have a lot of actual shopping to do for people on my list at the time.

It snowed almost all day long yesterday. This is as far as I ventured out (the back porch), having thrown out my back as I played an online word game with my friends and relaxed with morning coffee. Ice, Ice, Baby... and Ibuprofen. It's maybe a little better today. It's not worse.


I sure am crabby when my back hurts.




I think this photo would make a nice Christmas card.


Chronic pain can definitely make a person crabby. I hope your back is infinitely better tomorrow!


I am taking this snow photo as a harbinger of things to come my way. You Wisconsonites (?) are always a day or so ahead on the weather!
It's nice to see the full toy boxes, good on you for getting the ball rolling.


what a pretty snow photo - hoping your back feels better soon so you can get back to enjoying the season!


Back ache and spasms are the worst. I hope your pain clears up soon. Keep moving and stretching, sitting too much can make it worse.A dusting of snow changes the nature of our landscape. Snow always is so peaceful in the beginning.

Robin F.

Everything looks pretty with a snow covering.
Be kind to your back and gently stretch it.
Your kind efforts were rewarded. Have a happy holiday


Back pain bites the big one. But how in the world did you throw it out online?

Hmmm. Too bad it wasn't your VIRTUAL back...

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