Who draws the crowd and plays so loud?

Merry Christmas

My, how things do change when they're all grown up! It was after 11:00 a.m. and *I* was the one chomping at the bit to open presents, but we had to wait 'til coffee brewed and everyone had a full cup!!

There was a National Geographic "Scotland" calendar for everyone, putting us wholeheartedly in agreement: Next year, Christmas in Scotland!

Much has been happening here over the past month or so, and our rather untraditional holiday has turned more and more traditional by the minute. Whatever, we're going with the flow. What else can we do?

Wishing you a very happy holiday,




Merry Christmas Vicki!


We didn't start opening until after noon here - sure is different than when they were little! I hope you had a wonderful day with your family.


Season's Greetings!


You had another memorable Christmas day! Your sense of adventure tops itself from year to year. Christmas in Scotland sounds perfect!!


Merry belated Christmas


One of my dogs was the one chomping to open things! She sniffed out her new toy, pulled the package out from under the tree and was starting in on it. We told her she had to wait for the teenager (the 17 year old, he got up a bit after 8). The other dog? Once we were all in the room, she ran over and just started ripping paper off of the first thing she got to. Clearly one got the brains, but the other is a beauty (sisters and they look much alike).

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