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New favorite, and this is what I'm talking about!

I recently pinned a recipe for Pommes Anna to my Yummy - Paleo Pinterest board and couldn't wait to try them, especially since I had quite a few sweet potatoes on-hand.

I have probably thought more often, with fondness and longing, of regular old potatoes -- good old Russets, Idahos, and Reds -- than I have of bread or pasta since embarking on this journey, and I would definitely miss them more if it wasn't for sweet potatoes, parsnips, and riced or mashed cauliflower. Potatoes -- mashed, smashed, roasted, baked, boiled, sliced, scalloped, diced, fried -- oh, my, is there any way that they aren't just plain old delicious? -- have long been a favorite of mine.

Pommes Anna can be made with any type of potato, so I made it with sweet. Oh, and hello, I have a new favorite! Terrible photographs do no justice at all, but are nonetheless shared herewith.

Into the oven they go. I used 3 medium-ish sweet potatoes and probably should have used 5.

Just out of the oven, the potatoes are somewhat compressed, but a few more layers would have been better. I'll know better next time.

Turned out on the cutting board, I'm pretty sure I squealed with delight. One of my favorite things is the crispy, charred, almost burned-y bits -- on just about anything that's baked, toasted, or grilled -- and this is perfect to my eye.

My taste buds agreed!

It couldn't be more simple: Potatoes, Butter, Salt, Pepper. It needs attention in the oven, but not much and the reward is worth it!

I'm thankful to Jan @ Jan's Sushi Bar and her tips about this dish. I have only just discovered her blog, but it looks to be a great resource and inspiration for Whole30, Paleo, low-carb recipes.

It'll be a low-key ringing in of the new year in these parts. My sisters and brother will all be stopping by for a while, as will my mom and her husband (I think), and my kids and nephews. It'll be raucous for a while, no doubt, but I know more than a few of my guests wouldn't mind being tucked in and snoring by 10:00.

Happy New Year!


Robin F.

HAPPY NEW YEAR VICKI! I'm having a low key evening- will wind my Christmas at Downton yarn for the Jimmy Bean MKAL.
I love, love love sweet potatoes and will be making this recipe this week as I have some yummy SP on hand. I have the perfect cast iron skillet for the job!


That look really delicious and I love those almost burned ends of anything too!

Happy, colorful and very successful new year to you and your whole family!


I see there might be a bit of table incivility over 'the edges' if you and I were supposed to share a dish. ;-) Wishing you a wonderful 2013!

Rebecca Gabriel

I'm totally trying this tomorrow. Yuu-uu-um!


Oooooh, that looks delicious! Happy New Year!


I know what we're having for dinner tonight!!! Happy New Year, dear friend! May this year be full of joy, surprise and delight, family (near and far) and of renewal and reward. Thinking of you and yours. xoxox


Oh. My. Must try. Happy New Year, Vicki! I hope this year brings you all the best kinds of surprises!

Jan's Sushi Bar

I'm so glad you enjoyed the Pommes Anna - they are my husband's absolutely favorite way to eat sweet potatoes these days. And thank you for the linky-love!


Sounds delicious! Hope you had a lovely evening - no matter what time you ticked in.


Happy New Year and belated Christmas greetings! These potatoes look so delicious. My husband loves nearly any type of potato. I am going to try these this weekend with sweet potatoes. Thanks for another great idea.

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