It's beginning

Party season begins!


Robin F.

Look for a clothes exchange party or start one at work- everyone brings gently used items to exchange as a way to get 'new to you' clothes at no cost.

Barbara S

Congrats on your success with your new way of eating. I know a few other people trying this out. I'm glad to see that you are not rigid with it and allow yourself to make your own choices. I always think those are the people who have the most success maintaining a healthy eating style. Less stress and just make your choice each time. I hope you reach your goal.


I love your attitude about this. It's choices you have made and continue to make, nothing is forbidden, your body and mind are happy -- win on all counts! I have done the gf thing pretty much the same way. Still training Smokey not to offer me a hamburger on a gigantic bun, though...


Great post, Vicki. And you're right - it is all about choices. A treat now and again is nice but it's good when it's rare. Congrats on making these changes and feeling better!


It's easy to hear the choices and changes you've made are going to stick!


thank you for sharing...and reiterating that it really is all about choices that are OURS to make. empowering! (even if sometimes a bit overwhelming). hope the party tonight is fun and festive. enjoy!!


Thanks so much for sharing this post especially about the choices that we need to make each day. I'm just starting this eating plan after reading the two books you recommended and a whole lot of thinking about it. I have to figure out what to do about wine as we live on the Central Coast of California where it's a major industry and the choices are amazing!


Thanks for sharing the scenery on your ride. It is really helpful for me as I'm riding along the road behind you.

I tried whole, grass-fed, un-homogenized milk last week and it was tasty -- probably too tasty. :D Milk was an occasional thing before and it may see the frig less often but it will be of a healthier variety when it does visit.

I hope the party was fun! I had a carmelita bar at our party this week and realized I would have been just as satisfied with 25% of it.

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