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What's working, what's not

Well, it's "the holidays" and, considering that it's the holidays, I think I'm doing okay. My weight has fluctuated a bit but given the added imbibing and indulgences, I am very okay with that; last Saturday I finally hit 30 pounds lost.

Thirty pounds! That translates to something like over 100 pounds of pressure taken off of my knees (and, I suppose), ankles, and toes.

My back is finally feeling better. I was beginning to wonder if I had a kidney stone. Oh! You want to know what my sweet daughter said? She told me that my sore back could have been my body adjusting to the weight loss -- Whoa!! Isn't that the sweetest thing?

So, what's working? I've been trying to use my Yummy - Paleo Pinterest board more, especially for things I find online. The stellar Bacon-Wrapped Smoky Chicken Thighs and Pecan-Crusted Sweet Potatoes that I made at Thanksgiving are both there. They both made encore appearances at Christmas and were devoured! I've recently pinned, made, and loved Balsamic-Glazed Drumsticks and Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Mustard Vinaigrette (once with added carrots) -- balsamic vinegar obviously being my new best friend! The brussels sprouts also were requested at the Christmas table, also, and I was happy to oblige.

And I've finally made cauliflower "rice." I'm SO happy that I found this video... OMG, so fast & easy! It takes longer to get the equipment out than it does to chop and "rice." (I have an old Osterizer commercial blender, so that's what I used and it worked great!)

(And isn't that funny? I have a Big Red Kitchen, too!)

I usually rice a whole head at a time. Sometimes I cook it all up (in batches) and store the leftovers that way, but I've also stored the extra uncooked. It's super fast to prepare, either by sauteeing or just throwing it in a pot with some butter. Most important of all, it was very well-liked by all -- including Rusty, never a huge fan of cauliflower and an almost daily consumer of real (brown) rice!

I've roasted cauliflower (and broccoli - sometimes together), too, and it is SO yum. I have been winning people over with the roasting, especially when I do it with my new best friend (balsamic vinegar), and even the previously detested brussels sprout has been declared "delicious."

I'm still motivated and eager to try new things.

What's not working? OMG, the sugar!! It's hard to avoid right now, and I've indulged, but waking in the middle of the night with horrible heartburn tells me how much I've OVER-indulged -- as do some other "systems" conditions. This all serves to remind me how far I've come and just how much better I feel overall! I won't have time for a Whole30 before leaving for Brazil, but a Whole15 is looking pretty good!!

Also not working are some overly involved "weeknight" meals I've prepared. One of the things I like best about "paleo" is rediscovering how delicious and satisfying a simply prepared meal can be -- season, roast, steam, saute, or bake, sometimes serve with a simple sauce or glaze. I enjoy putting together an elaborate meal occasionally, but definitely not the norm.

Just for the record, it was a mid-afternoon Christmas Day meal this year at my house:

  • HoneyBaked Ham (Mom)
  • Rolls (Mom)
  • Pecan-Crusted Sweet Potatoes (minus dairy components)
  • Steamed Green Beans
  • Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Mustard Vinaigrette
  • Cauliflower Rice
  • Tortilla Wraps (Katie)
  • Gluten-free Bread w/Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar (Ali)
  • Apple Pie with Rice Flour Crust (Rusty)
  • Everyday Paleo Pumpkin Pie w/fresh whipped cream

And before I even knew it, Annie had the kitchen all cleaned up! That works!!




Yea you! I so need to try this approach. I have bookmarked all of your posts about your eating and plan to give this a try. Am reading Wheat Belly at the moment and hope that giving up wheat will help with some of the issues I've been having. Thanks.


Keeping track of what works and what doesn't is probably key to your continued success. Congrats on 30 pounds!


If we listen our bodies tell us what's right. Your holiday foods sound yummy and I plan on using many of your ideas and recipes. We need to try the cauliflower rice. It sounds easy and tasty! Happy New Year to you and your family!


Balsamic glazed drumsticks sound so good and I just happen to have some in the fridge for tomorrow's dinner.
Sugar is hard to avoid at holiday time so it's just a blip, right? You are doing so well!

Cheryl S.

I wish I could eat this way more, but it's nearly impossible when living with a pescetarian. I love fish, but I can't have it at pretty much every meal. Vegetarian and low-carb/paleo just don't work and play well together. It's also harder for me to make myself go out to the grocery store when I don't otherwise need to leave the house, instead of just stopping on my way home from work. If there aren't fresh veggies/fruits in the house, I start reaching for pasta or bread (I always have some in the freezer).


You are an inspiration! Will you be posting regular recipes? I am so excited about your trip to Brazil. You're going to have a blast.

NOTE - it's so much hotter than you can imagine. Let's chat some more off line.

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