Merry Christmas
What's working, what's not

Who draws the crowd and plays so loud?

Baby, it's the guitar man/men!

Thanks to the "sharing" of my FB friend Liz, I ordered these AMAZING Electronic Rock Guitar Shirts from ThinkGeek when I found out the boys would be home for Christmas, after all. They have tiny little amplifiers that either clip onto a belt or fit into a pocket at the inside hem of the shirt; all the electronic parts are removable for washing, and the shirt is cute even without all the gadgetry.

Also (originally) available in adult sizes!

And also on drums!!

They were a big hit!!

ETA: Bonus link due to earlier faulty cut & paste technique Star Wars Paper Snowflake Templates

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Festivities have not yet concluded at Chez Knitorious! It's Rusty's birthday today!!




Happy bIrthday, Rusty! I know what it's like to have a Christmas-time birthday :( Enjoy yours!
Those shirts are way cool. I can't find the link, they must be sold out.


Fixed the link -- and added more!! ;)


Mazal tov and Happy Birthday to Rusty and happy holidays to the whole family! :)


Happy, happy to Rusty!! Keep the celebration going all through the week!!


I hope you're all having a wonderful time!


Wow, the shirts are super cool!!! They must have loved them. Happy Birthday to Rusty.


Happy birthday, Rusty!

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