Three sleeps to the wind
Not Rio

Another "rainy day" in Rio

This morning's photo:

Two sleeps to Rio -- one in my own bed, one on an aeroplane -- and then I'll be sleeping pool-side, behind the two doors on the right!

The airline just called to tell me that it's time to check in online!

Of course I've known that English isn't spoken much in Brazil, but I realized yesterday that I've actually never been to a non-English speaking country before -- not even Mexico. That prompted me to make doubly sure that I have contact info and back-up contact info, and a Plan C!

I have LOTS to do! I continue to update my lists and reminders, striving to streamline everything, but even so I may start bouncing off the walls soon!

* * * * *

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Tips for Sticking With Your Fitness Routine

1. I don't have 10 tips for this.

2. I don't even have one.

3. Fitness routine?

4. It's the missing component.

5. I've been very satisfied with the results that have occurred in my body over the past 4-5 months by just changing how and what I eat.

6. Last Saturday I was back down to pre-Christmas weight and then some, marking my lowest weight so far on this journey.

7. There's been a lot happening in my life and the lives of people around me, so I'm quite happy right now to limit my focus to the food aspect.

8. I have a gym membership and I know how to use it.

9. I just haven't used it in quite some time.

10. I'm looking forward to spring and hopping back on my bike -- the 30+ pounds I've lost will make that even more fun, I think!




I bet you will see a huge difference when you get on that bike - just picture riding it with 30 pounds of potatoes hanging off the handle bars vs. not having those potatoes there. That's the way I like to think about my weight loss, anyway. No wonder my running endurance and speed has improved - I'm not hauling 40 pounds of flour around now! I know you know what I mean.


You're going to have such an adventure. A good adventure and to make it even better you'll feel great about yourself.

Steph VW

Oooooh, it's a weird sensation - landing in a place where you don't speak the language and everyone is talking around you.

One good thing to know about Brasilians - they speak so rapidly you might think they are arguing, but they could be swapping recipes.

Handy tip for your very long flight - take a bar of soap and a facecloth along with your toothbrush and toothpaste in a baggie to clean up in the airport bathroom. There's something about flying that long and overnight that will make you feel completely vile when you arrive.


Can't wait to see your biking posts again and congrats again on that weight loss!!! Whoohoo!


Have a great time! How long will you be gone? Will you blog from Brazil?


Have FUN!! and I smiled big at your list of 10 things. seriously.


Have a great time!!


So excited for you!!!!

Robin f.

Yay for wt. loss. It is hard to stay motivated but we're behind you all the way! Have a great trip. It can be scary to be somewhere when you don't speak the language. Be Brave.

Cheryl S.

Have a smartphone? Hope you've installed the Translation app. Could be very handy!


Once the weather warms up and you can ride the bike again, you won't have to worry about the fitness routine.

My travel tip: examine the signs outside the rest rooms VERY CAREFULLY when you come off the plane. Jet-lagged and sleep-deprived people can easily end up in the wrong one. Ask me how I know.

Have a wonderful time!

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