On Wednesday: Here comes the sun!

The 7th Annual Celebrate Michael Day!

Can you believe it's been seven years?

One of my favorite posts from that time:

Overheard in ICU today

Michael:  I want to get these fucking tubes outta me.

Vicki:  You've got to leave the fucking tubes in.

Mom:  I don't like it when you two use the F-word.

This was after he'd already removed the Foley catheter once (ow) and had to have it replaced, was caught with a leg over the siderail of the bed, trying to "escape", and told his best friend to go get the car.  "Let's you and me go for a ride, Paulie."

I think the wild ride portion of this recovery program is underway.

It wasn't even close to over then. I don't think that wild ride has ever really ended!

I love you, Michael!! XO




What a great post! I hope Michael has a special day! :)


I can't believe how long that means I've been reading your blog! I remember crying at my desk when you posted about his accident, and then crying again and again as you updated us on his progress.


7 years? 7 years! Wow. I started reading your blog right before Michael's accident, it doesn't seem like we've "known" each other that long.

Robin F.

This anniversary always makes me feel 'closer' to you. Thanks for the memories.

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