Obrigada, Brasil!
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I have to find something new too and was looking at Bloglovin. Curious as to what you think.


This won't preclude Luddites like me from using my boring old bookmark to check in on you, will it? Not a fan of facebook, big fan of Knitorious.


I hate to say this but it's true. I'm so glad your looking at different readers to Google. I've know I need to since logging in the other morning, but I have no motivation at the moment. I could just go back to keeping all my blogs in individual tags, but this seems to cause the browsers to crash. Hate that. I may just place a game of follow the leader here. When you find a reader you like I'll tag along. Smiles. Have a good weekend.


Ugh, I remember when Bloglines did this to us and everyone was in a tizzy. I'm not a fan of Facebook either so I'll give Bloglovin a pass and keep searchin :)


Bloglines (aka Netvibes) imported my feeds without too much trouble. It's a little fiddly to set up, however. I'm having a bit of trouble with Bloglovin', too. At the moment I just "hate" Google. I have them my all and slowly but surly they've been dumping them. le sigh


I changed to Google from Bloglines and now I have to do this again. What about "The Old Reader" have you heard anything about that? Not sure I want to go through Facebook for my blog reading. Yeesh.


Have you on my Yahoo and enjoy your blog but hated the process of Bloglovin. I'm giving it noloving!


I decided to try out Feedly and installed it in my firefox yesterday.

It gives you an option to import all your reader in one click and it seemed to work beautifully.

The interface is different but I think it will work well for me.

Will report back.

Lori On Little Traverse Bay

Thanks for the tip. It's nice to know the alternatives out there for RSS feed. I'm testing out using My Yahoo right now, but it's not wonderful. I think I'll try Feedly next, and maybe Vienna (for Mac) to see which I like best. Will give Bloglovin' and Bloglines a look as well. Not feeling the Google love...

As always, I enjoy your blog!


I didn't care for Bloglovin. But thank you Rachel for mentioning Feedly. It is exactly what I was looking for. :)


I found my new Reader: Feedly. The transition of my blogs from Google Reader was literally with just a touch of a button. Organized and well displayed. I'm all moved over. YAY!

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