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One thing I like about Bloglovin' is the "Your daily feed from Bloglovin'" email highlighting the latest posts from my subscriptions. It includes the headline, a few lines of text, and a photo. One thing I don't like is that there's no Android or Kindle app -- not that I read much on those devices, but I guess I don't like being left out! While it looks as though signing in or going through Facebook is the only option, there is actually an option to use an email address... if that's holding anyone back from trying it out.

Meanwhile, Feedly! Wow, that WAS easy! Plus, Internet Explorer was wonking out on my home computer so I went back to Chrome (which had previously had issues but now seems fine) and used the Chrome extension and talk about simple! My Google Reader feeds were imported in a blink, and with all of my "categories" intact -- which was not the case with Bloglovin' (alphabetical order... which I didn't really mind... right now). The layout is a little different from what I'm used to, but I really don't have a problem with that if I can easily find what I'm looking for and have some control myself.

I'd started looking into The Old Reader (TOR) a couple of days ago. I got as far as downloading my zipped Google "Takeout" folder with the OPML file necessary to import my feeds to TOR. I have just this second uploaded that file and... there are 41,345 users ahead of me in the import queue... so that might take a while and I'll have to get back to you on that!

Netvibes? Maybe. I've signed up for that one, too, and have imported my feeds. For some reason, this was the most difficult one for me to get started. There's even a blog post about migrating from Google Reader to Netvibes... it just wasn't intuitive to me, but that doesn't mean I won't like it.

There's a great article on Lifehacker with even a few more options, if you're interested. I might be. We'll see... how much time do I really need to spend on this??

The jury's still out on all of it. I think it's interesting to compare and, obviously, a reader that I like may not be a good fit for you... or perhaps you don't even use a reader! That's all fine, and everything's good.  As always and however you land here, thank you for stopping by, reading, and letting me know what you think!

Also, Happy St. Paddy's Day!! And Happy Birthday to my wonderful and only brother, Michael!! I have my first-ever corned beef cooking on the stove. I sometimes love it and sometimes hate it, so we'll just have to see how this one turns out. I'll be roasting some cabbage to go with it, but foregoing the potatoes... except maybe making some sweet. Would that go?




I have Feedly on my Kindle and I really really like it. Super simple, pulls from my existing Google Reader. I am on Bloglovin' too, but I'm like sure. Not sure how I like it. So far, Feedly is at the top of my list. :)


I'm waiting for proactive people like you to do some of the, err, scouting. :D Thanks for the preliminary results and the link to the Lifehacker article. I guess I'm fortunate enough to know that Google Reader is going away soon and will have to do something.


I couldn't get any of your links in the above post to work. But thanks for the info about where to go with my hundreds of Reader subscriptions.


I use feedly on my iPad so I guess I'll switch to that on the PC. I'm going to stick with Google Reader for now, though, since it's still going to be around for a while. Maybe by the time it goes away there will be a great solution.


I think I've fixed those links! Thanks Rebecca.

Cheryl S.

I tried NetVibes and hated it. Feedly seems OK so far. As for The Old Reader, I have about 28,000 people ahead of me in the queue.


NetVibes/Bloglines was very fiddly to get organized and "fixed" to my satisfaction, but it felt familiar and I'm sticking with it. I'm not so in love with Bloglovin', but I'm keeping all options open. I'm so sad and mad about Google's dumping us.

gale zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

I haven't dealt with looking into a new reader at all, so am very grateful you posted this. Sounds like Feedly might be the one for me.


sweet potatoes go with everything; hope you went for it! re the readers - three days into blog lovin I'm feeling no love. maybe because I read too many blogs, but that daily email is kind of a waste and I really dislike the "get more readers" spin to it. going to try feedly next. thanks for sharing your experiences; I appreciate all the time and thoughtfulness!


I actually started using Feedly a couple of years ago. Yes, it's different than Google Reader, but I've adjusted. Conversion was easy. And I use it on my desktop (with Firefox), my Ipad, and my Android phone. I like the flexibility of having it across all my platforms.

Robin F.

I loved my google reader- thru my gmail account and I'm not as happy with bloglovin. Since I didn't have the choice to keep reader I'm glad that the switch was easy for me-imported all my blogs. The jury is still out as I learn to use it.


I don't use Google Reader directly, but use NetNewsWire, which syncs between the mac desktop and ipad using GR. Guess I'll have to find something else as well. Sheesh. Thanks for doing all the leg work for us!


I've been using Feedly since the announcement about Reader and I've been very happy with it. The layout was a little weird at first, but they have a lot of options to tweak it and make it feel a little more like what I'm used to. I'm glad you're testing out several different readers, because I'm too lazy to try more than one, so I get to live vicariously through you.

Incidentally, I'm unable to post a comment to your blog using Chrome. The post and preview buttons are greyed out. Typepad says that may happen if someone is using an old browser, but Chrome is up to date. Since I think it's a Typepad issue there's probably nothing you can do about it, but wanted to let you know that readers using Chrome are probably unable to comment. I switched to IE for this.

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