Ten on Tuesday: Sweaters

Pins and needles!

Mom's late '50s wedding dress has been cleaned, examined, pulled apart a bit, sewn up some... and now the real work begins! The stays have been replaced, a possible replacement "crinoline" found, ideas hatched... and others ditched.

One of the reasons I've lagged on the fingerless gloves is because I wanted to compare the various "white" yarns I have secured with the newly cleaned "white" dress. There are approximately 1,000,000 shades of white; did you know?

Meanwhile, pearls have appeared and may be favored. It'll be summer... feeling late spring-ish, anyway... and I think the gauntlets are out... but the shawl is still in, so I'd better get to work. And Julia has just released Frambuesa, another lovely shawl, and I think I'm going to also make that -- either for myself or Ali -- using some Make.Do Be Fingering/Sock that I dyed at the same time and matches the yarn I'm using for Mexican Wedding.

We can change our minds like that.

And we may even change them some more!

* * * * *

Fitting with the topic today is Joan McGowan-Michael's Craftsy class released today: Online Knitting Class: Feminine Fit. Also, I have just signed up for Amy Herzog's Knit to Flatter and can't wait to start!

The book's already on the way!



The wedding is getting close! Can't wait to see how the dress turns out, I know it will be fab!


Sounds like loads of fun all this mind changing affair, enjoy!


The dress sounds gorgeous! ...I totally love Craftsy classes...I'm always learning new ways of doing things. :)


I love how you're putting the dress (and accessories!) together. What a fun project -- and the results will be just perfect.

Robin F.

I love following along with the alterations and plans. Did you find a white that matches the dress? What color will the Mexican wedding shawl be? Did you get a dress for your new skinny self to wear?

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