Let's run some numbers


I am trying to find it. Maybe I need to dance it out!

Meanwhile, let's start with the weather and get that out of the way.

On the 4th of this month, I deemed it necessary to take a picture of the outside temperature reading on my dashboard. Momentous occasion!!

Since then, we've seen...



Glimmers of spring:


And, thankfully, an occasional (rare) glimpse of blue sky:

In that order. Sheesh. One of my benchmarks for April weather has always been Ali's birthday -- 26 years ago today it was the day before Easter. I'd been in the hospital for 2.5 days and, in that time, watched the leaves pop OPEN. I went home on Easter and we had dinner outside. It was, perhaps, slightly above average, but I know what is possible in the middle of April... and it can be so much better than this!!

Heh. See you tomorrow.




I live in Wisconsin too and had an April baby. My tulips are usually blooming around his birthday so I always judge whether it's an early or late spring based on that. In 31 years I'm pretty sure they've never been this late. Mine are still buried under snow here in western Wisconsin! And more in the forecast? Unbelievable!


Your spring is way behind! We have had too many cold, gray days and still have killing frosts, but the blossoms are out and spring is trying with all her might to take hold!


I am an April baby, and the only weather I have no memory of on my birthday is a tornado. Rain, wind, sleet, hail, snow (lots), sunshine, sometimes some of several of those. I am officially done with winter - we have gotten, so far, a record breaking 39" of snow in April. Hope the birthday girl feels celebrated regardless of the weather.


I'm an April baby and I saw something on my birthday this year that I had never seen; 100 degrees. It was the strangest hot day stuck in the middle of snow and rain I had ever seen. That Mother Nature always keeps us on our toes! :)

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