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Ten on Tuesday: May days

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Things I'm Looking Forward To In May

The months fly by, don't they? Maybe by taking a minute to really think about what's happening in May, it won't seem like it went *poof* a month from now when June's barrelling down.

1.  Hair cut (more likely, trim) tomorrow! I will also be auditioning -- or at least discussing -- the hairstyle that I have in mind for the wedding.


Yummy custom-made salad with ham-wrapped pickles.

2.  Dinner with Alison's future in-laws tomorrow night!

3.  On Saturday, Ali and I will be heading to Oshkosh and the Natural Product & Organic Food Expo -- Joel Salatin and Will Allen among the highlights.

4.  Visitors from Oregon, their daughter (a sometime guest at our house) graduating from Lawrence University this year and they'll be here over the Mother's Day weekend for her recital.

Mum and me!

5.  Mother's Day!

6.  Maddy's last day of school on the 17th!

7.  The Master Gardeners' Annual Plant Sale on the 18th.

8.  Hopefully, an overnighter to Milwaukee for an art opening, premiere of an animated music video (by my cousin's husband) featuring music from the Tritonics new single “Smoky Places,” and after-party. Just because... it sounds like fun!

The middle of the month is very busy!!

9.  Memorial Day!

10.  My knitting goal for May will be to finish the two shawls that I'm working on for the wedding... and NOT start another baby sweater. Heh. I'm more than half-way on Mexican Wisconsin Wedding and made a good start on Frambuesa last night. Second try! There's errata, for one thing, and some wonkiness regarding stitch marker placement and repeats... I just move them around as needed and "read" my knitting -- as long as it reads correctly, I'm good. The markers are eventually removed. I already know that I'm going to LOVE this shawl!

BONUS:  11.  I've ramped up the dyeing a tiny bit in the last month or so, the impetus being some fun custom orders and projects! Oh, I miss it!! As things continue to improve and progress in other areas of life, I intend to be doing much more of that beginning in May.



Sounds like a fun month for you! Your yarn looks lovely. Great job!

christi in ma

sounds like a very fun May!!


I couldn't get past that salad. My mouth is watering!


I like the idea that thinking about May ahead of time will slow it down. It probably won't work, though! That salad looks divine!


You have a great month planned! When I think May, I always think Sheep and Wool. I love your blue yarn; so beautiful! :)


Beautiful shawls, had to add to the list.
Your May sounds wonderful.


The yarn looks beautiful drying in the sun. And I'm doing the haircut thing, too, later this week.


yeah spring hair cuts :D hoep you like it and find a nice look for wedding
congrats on dd graduation
love your dyeing

Robin F.

What a busy month. Good luck with all the wedding plans. Our farmers' markets open next week. I'm looking forward to that.


So many good things going on, Vicki! Embrace the month and ENJOY.


Blue wool, be still my heart!
I love May and it's WARM.
Enjoy the expo, I'd love to hear Joel Salatin.


Pickles wrapped in ham...heavenly! That yarn looks pretty delicious too!


That salad looks amazing ( as does the yarn)!

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