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An all-wedding Wednesday

Ali and I took a drive to Sheboygan for the last big alteration consult about her/my mom's wedding dress. The crinoline added since last time made such a difference and added the perfect poof and shaping to the skirt. Some piecing was done at the shoulders, allowing Ali to move her arms (!), and it turned out wonderfully, as well.

We needed to make some final decisons/compromises about satin and bows, and lots of pins were employed before we left, but I left feeling great, more excited than ever, and cannot wait for the final fitting.

It's getting close, now, and seemed a good time to turn attention to the Father Of The Bride! I can count on one hand... um, maybe two fingers... the times in 28 years we've shopped together for him. It actually turned out pretty well... probably helped that we had dinner first. And a moderator. Katie, with her great eye for style, consented to join us!

New pants, new shirt, new tie, new shoes. Not a new jacket; but not the one I thought it was, either. I'm not sure where it came from! Anyway, he'll be pretty dapper. (Not to self: must remind him to get hair cut... and not on the day before the wedding).




It's really getting close now! I'm excited for you!


Such an exciting time!


So looking forward to the great reveal of the wedding dress! The wedding party will be picture perfect come the special day.


How exciting this all is! I look forward to pictures of you all in your finery.


Yay! Getting closer!


Oh. . . this is so exciting! I can't wait to see the WHOLE dress. On Ali. She is going to be gorgeous. . . (And so will Dad!)


Exciting times! Can't wait to see it all play out!


these next few weeks will FLY by! so glad you're part of it all (and sharing it with us!!)


I can't wait to see the dress in all it's glory...and the rest of the party. I love weddings. :)

robin f.

How wonderful that the dress and the seamstress are working well together. Can't wait to see the bride on her big day. Good thing Dad was easy to outfit. Are you all ready?

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