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Fruits & veggies (w/shrimp)

Orangelo, a knitted baby bib.

  • Project: Orangelo Bib by Norah Gaughan (free pattern at Berroco), smallest size
  • Yarn: Lion Brand's "Martha Stewart Crafts" Cotton Hemp in "Clementine" -- yarn held double throughout
  • Needle: US 10.5
  • Start to Finish: December 17-19, 2012

Obviously, I finished this months ago! It was a fun little project -- a quick knit, perfect for last-minute gift-giving. I was afraid I'd run out of yarn, but had some left over and may have been able to do the larger size. I love this color.

* * * * *

Wanted to share this amazingly simple and delicious recipe that I made a while back, especially now that it's spring... otherwise known as Fresh Asparagus Season! I pick up an extra bag or two or three of frozen (uncooked, shell-on) shrimp when they're on sale at the store and it's so nice to have them in the freezer. I almost think of shrimp as "fast," because they thaw fairly quickly and actually make a good last-minute option, you know, for when I'm not thinking ahead.


Preheat oven to 425F. Line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper.

Wash and trim asparagus, arrange on half of the paper-lined baking sheet.

Peel and devein the shrimp, if necessary. The shell-on shrimp I most often buy have the shells on but are already deveined, so the shells are already cut and very easy to remove.

Drizzle all with 2-3 T. oil -- coconut or olive, your choice.

Season with salt and pepper, some other herbs if you're in the mood.

Lightly stir or shake the pan a bit so that everything is fairly evenly distributed. Pop into the oven for 20# or until done. The shrimp will be opaque, the asparagus roasted and tender.

Oh, so yummy!

It's quite possibly what's for dinner.




That bib is so cute and your shrimp and asparagus looks delicious. I buy those bags of shrimp when they are on sale, too, and it's great to know that the shrimp and asparagus cook at the same temp for the same amount of time.


Do you know I had this very thing for dinner Tuesday night, as I was alone for dinner and wanted a quick meal before heading out. I cooked them stove top, but now I know where I got the idea! From you!
The bib is darling and such a quick and charming idea for baby gifts.


What an adorable bib; I love the construction. The shrimp and asparagus looks delish! :)


that sounds delicious and i am so going to try that soon! thanks for sharing it. :-)


Great bib! I have the mother lode of Sugar 'n' Creme; I could use up some of it.

We often have asparagus b/c Smokey likes it so well, and we just happen to have a big bag of frozen shrimp in the freezer. Now, if he over will cooperate...


The bid is very cute, but the dinner ... yum! That may have to go on the menu for this weekend.


I have been meaning to thank you for the shrimp recipe it has become a big favorite with both my husband and me.


Oh if I could get my honey to eat asparagas! Love everything about that bib but especially the color. Happy Friday!

Robin F.

Yummm I love shrimp and asparagus. Did you get all that snow we are seeing on the news?
The bib is so cheerful. I love the shaping on it.


Perfect combination of YUM and ADORABLE!


I forgot to tell you, after seeing your shrimp and asparagus on instagram, I also too THAT as a contribution for dinner with friends. I marinated both and grilled them.
I just wish I didn't delight so in the taste of sugar...

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