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Ten on Tuesday: Why, oh why?

In a rut?

Maybe. But it's a cute one.


  • Project: Shibui Knits' Vintage Baby Cardigan by Kristin Spurkland
  • Ravelry details here
  • Largest of 3 sizes
  • Blue Yarn: Intrepid Tulips (formerly Fiber Optica) Sock, color "Urban Night"
  • Green Yarn: Drops Alpaca, color #2916
  • White Yarn: KnitPicks Stroll Fingering, color "White"
  • Finished sweater weighs 120g
  • Needle: US 3
  • Start to Finish: April-something , 2013 - April 27 (or so), 2013

It's actually not entirely finished yet. There's the matter of closure. I'm thinking ribbon this time; three, and unevenly spaced.

And the sleeve seams. I've forgotten them both times I've knit this little sweater! Plop it down in front of knitting group or to photograph it, declaring it FINISHED, and oopsie, not quite.

I sure love this blank-canvas pattern! I've been having fun with the color blocking, and it's a great way to use up little bits. Not that I am in desperate need of another scrappy project but, you know, one can only make so many blue hexi-not-puffs!

Having nothing but intensive lace projects in my bag, I may even have cast on a third at Knit Night last Thursday. Why, yes, I did just happen to have the correct needles and yarn along.

Middle size this time. No rush.

I've not been shirking other duties! The knitting for BOTH wedding shawls -- Mexican Wedding and Frambuesa -- was completed over the weekend!! I am very excited. I have a lot of fingering weight left and think I could have knit the larger size of Frambuesa.

Frambuesa - all that remains is the bind off. Could have made the larger size. There's still time to change my mind. Or knit another. Will be over-dyeing. #June15 #knittingforthewedding #macromay

T-minus 40 days... Will she or won't she?

{{{40 days!!}}}



That is going to be one stylin' wee person! I love the colors so much I wish I could think of an excuse to appropriate them for me.


cute! you're not in a rut, you're very wisely channeling away 40 DAYS!!!! stress into something productive. (we're TEN DAYS!!!! and I'm loving stockinette in the round right now!)


Lovely and I say she will! but which one, I don't know :)


such a dear little sweater. I love everything about it! Oh my goodness...are you getting SO excited ?


Another sweet sweater! I hope to see how you attach your closures and what you finally chose, for that matter.

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