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Ten on Tuesday: Oh, Mother!

Keeping it real

Unexpectedly, all of my girls were home over the weekend. It's us!

Mothers Day 1

Mothers Day 2

Mothers Day 2

And we're definitely keeping it real!

(I love the Sharon photobombs! She'd love that she's in such good company!)

They took me to see The Great Gatsby on Saturday night (Rusty came too), after which we all ended up out for dinner, and then stopping at a local tavern where my future son-in-law's band was playing. An early movie turned into a rather late night out! I liked the movie, loved the music, it was all very f-a-s-t for a 2.5-hour movie. There are parts of "the original" that I found much more powerful, such as almost everything to do with the Wilsons.

Botanical 2
Mom's beginning to feel a bit better and was set on doing something for Mother's Day, having regretted not doing anything for Easter, and we settled on a visit to the Green Bay Botanical Garden. It was quite lovely, but ooohh so chilly!! I think we'd have managed just fine with either cold or wind; both was just too much even on such a beautiful sunny day.

There were markers for about a million hostas that I've never heard of before! They were all just starting to poke through the ground, getting ready to take over the show when the spring flowers are finished. I'm looking forward to a promised return visit later this summer.




what a treat for Mother's Day! I hope TGG is still around in June when I have time to see it :-)

Robin F.

Great pix. How special to have them all home and I'm glad your mom is feeling better.


I love the photos of you with your girls, you look like you're all having a great time! Sounds like your Saturday night was really fun!


Wonderful weekend! :-) So glad your Mom is feeling well! Spending the day in a garden is always a lovely way to celebrate. (Even though that wind was BITING this weekend! Too. Dang. Cold.)


Sounds like a nice Mother's Day weekend.
We had some snow and ice pellets with the chilly wind!


You and your girls have such a good time together. It's all the more wonderful to have your mom feeling up to doing a few things and getting out to see what life has to offer. You're a great example to her, methinks. The best thing is you all enjoyed a well deserved Mother's Day.


Very fun photos! I'm glad you had a lovely Mom's Day/weekend with your family.


What a weekend! Such fun with all of your girls around I must just watch and take it all in sometimes huh?

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