Ten on Tuesday: Weekend doings


Alison's wedding is TWO WEEKS from TOMORROW, and I am now officially ready for it to happen.

Not that I'm "ready" in all senses of the word... or even any sense of the word... there is much to do, and a lot of it will be in the day or two prior.

I'm ready for the anticipation to be over... Let's get the party started!

Knitting: In lieu of the gauntlet/fingerless gloves that were my big idea a long time ago but which never quite got off the ground, I am knitting little sachets for each of the attendants. Ali made a lovely little something for each of them and this will coordinate nicely.

I've had some size 0 US needles (both straights & DPNs) in the arsenal forever, but I don't think I've ever actually used them before. This is a lovely lace-weight yarn, knitting up beautifully on those tiny needles; I'm also knitting some on 1 US, just for grins. They're actually going pretty fast -- the first one was pokey, but I've already knocked off two more and have a good start on the fourth. That's more than half-way!

I'm starting to get scatter-brained, though, because I've already misplaced sachet #1. It must be time to update and refine my To-Do List! I need to get a grip on everything.

The girls at Tuesday knit night talked me off the ledge and I will not be re-doing the bind-off on my shawl for the wedding, so that's a relief. All that's left is a little dip in the dye pot for both shawls and then blocking.

Send all your calming vibes my way... and have a great weekend!




So exciting! Have a great weekend yourself, and breathe!;-)


Take a deep breath, focus on letting it out slowly.
No matter how many calming waves are sent your way, you'll be a ball of excitement and nerves for the next two weeks. Who wouldn't be?!
But, seriously. Do try to keep breathing...dee-e-eply, friend.


Oh yes, and the sachets are so darling. What a great keepsake. The bridesmaids will remember the day every time they see it. Which scent goes inside?


I hope you can relax and enjoy this time. Try and stay in the moment and just soak it all in.


Sachets are a beautiful gift. Now, b.r.e.a.t.h.e. and just let it all happen. Sending tranquil...calming...peaceful vibes your way. :)


As the Yarn Harlot says, breathe in pink, breathe out blue. (She also says she has no idea what that means but it seems to work.)


I know exactly how you feel! except that I didn't knit anything for the bridal party...so nothing like that to misplace. I did cast on a pair of socks on my size 1 dpn's to keep my hands occupied the last few days that were a lot of driving around and sitting and waiting. ENJOY every second of these next 11 days...they are going to FLY by!!

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