An all-wedding Wednesday

Ten on Tuesday: Weekend doings

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Things I Did Over The Weekend

Pretty much in order, and with a couple of extra for good measure... it was that kind of weekend.


1.  Skyped with (sis) Annie in Brazil.

2.  Went dress shopping with my mom (2 shops, 2 cities, 2 dresses).

3.  Dyed some yarn.


4.  Went plant shopping with my mom and Karen (sis).

5.  Planted Mom's window box and driveway planter.

6.  Did some garden clean up at Mom's with Karen, Mike (bro), and Judy (SIL).

7.  Had a cook-out.

8.  Went to a movie: (slept thru a fair bit of) Star Trek.


9.  Went to the mall and then did some more (just a little bit more) plant shopping with Mom and Karen.

10.  Had lunch with Karen at the coffee shop.

11.  Dyed some yarn.

12.  Planted my own front porch planter.

13.  Bound off Frambuesa v.2. I wanted it to be a little stretchy, but may have done it a bit too loose... and I think I'm going to re-do the bind-off.

14.  Learned to play The Settlers of Catan.


Maddy said that they played this constantly when she was camping last week and she couldn't wait to teach us! It was fun, and...


...Sheep! What's not to love about a board game with sheep cards?!

It was a bit of belated Mother's Day mashed up with Memorial Weekend, getting some planting and garden clean-up done for Mom. It sure was a busy weekend!




I will have to check out that game. It looks like fun! Sounds like you had a nice weekend.


No wonder you slept through Star Trek! Your weekend was busy but it looks like it was (visually) beautiful!!


Oooooo I LOVE Catan.


Oooooo I LOVE Catan.


Okay, that garden is so beautiful I think it might kill me.


that is about the most incredible garden ever! back yard paradise!
and you has been one busy girl!!!


I've wanted to try Settlers of Catan. . . it might be the perfect thing for summer vacation at the lake.

You were so busy this weekend. I've been trying to work up the energy to do my list, but I fear it won't be nearly as excited or picturesque.


Sounds busy but also fun - and you accomplished stuff, too!


love all the "dyed some yarn" - do we get to see it? looks like the wedding plans are going well. continued best wishes for these last few weeks!


You live such a vibrant, rich life! The garden is spectacular! I've never heard of Catan...will look into that; it looks interesting! :)


Just ordered the game! Thanks!

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