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Bachelorette #1

Heh. The Dating Game! I loved that show.

There she is, smack in the middle, flanked by the barista bridesmaids and her two sisters, Maddy and Kate, on the right -- every one of them a bachelorette at the moment.

We had a marvelous little party for Ali, but Katie's presently much better at stringing words together -- along with some lovely photos -- in this post on her blog, Artsy Abroad!

Update: I added one more sachet to the knitting list -- bigger, quicker, finished! Still the blocking and sewing up to do before filling. Sewing still waits, but the ironing is done. I over-dyed and blocked the shawls over the weekend -- am letting them get good and dry before unpinning. So excited!! Rusty finished a project, too, bringing a nice close to a busy and productive weekend. I even squeezed in a pedicure. Ali's dress will likely be picked up on Thursday, leaving only a couple million other little things to do before Saturday...

I am breathing.  :)




Love the Artsy Abroad blog, and the party sounds over the top wonderful. Weddings are so much fun, mostly after they are over and the work is done. Enjoy!


So close! You're checking things off and as long as you keep breathing all will be well.

Lori On Little Traverse Bay

After checking out the Artsy Abroad blog, I am verklempt! (That quilt is beautiful!)

Happy wedding tidings to all!


That's a wonderful photo, everyone looks young and healthy and vibrant.


Oh, so exciting! I'm keeping you close in my heart and my thoughts this week, dear Vicki! Enjoy every moment. And keep breathing!


So excited for you all! And I am enjoying Ali's blog so much. Talent with words and pictures clearly runs in the family.

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