We all scream
Lavender & Lace


Thursday, June 27, 2013. The first photo was taken in the late morning, I think; the second as I left work at 5:00; the third half-way home.

Later, Kate & I went to Appleton for a bite to eat and noticed the drama in the sky as we left the restaurant. We drove north instead of home, seeking higher ground and expansive view -- straight into it, getting our storm-chaser on!

It was pretty amazing, very exciting, and also a little scary as lightning lit the sky and the clouds shifted and changed. Katie was concerned when it looked as though little funnels might be forming; I was concerned when the clouds turned a sickly yellow-green.

We snapped some pictures on our mobile devices, then it started to rain and we drove home in a downpour.

Fun times!

I'm serious!




Storms inspire such awe! Fun to watch -- if you're safe and secure. What great photos -- and a great adventure, too.


It's kind of amazing to me that these are all from the same day!


Beautiful pictures! We've had a storm every day for two weeks and the sky really can turn some lovely colors but I too draw the line at green. Hugs! :)


Glad that those wonderful pics didn't result with you running from a funnel. Such fun the way the sky changes in the Mid-West.

Julia in KW

Those are some amazing photos of the sky...watched some wild skies here in Ontario, Canada, too that resulted in some flooding and evacuating of local malls, too! Weather is wild and awesome!


Your sky photos are always inspiring. We would love some of your rain, but not the lightning, as it's been TOO dry here. Yesterday 105, today the same. We're in a blast furnace.

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