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Cat out of bag

Baby jumps in! Haha.

I know, it doesn't really work that way.       o.O

It was Mother's Day when Ali told me that she'd taken three pregnancy tests and they'd all said the same thing... and that she had a few more test sticks, just in case, but was pretty sure they'd all have the same -- positive  -- result! That was pretty awesome news to hear on Mother's Day... and I especially loved that it was mine-all-mine for a while. Delicious.

As you may recall, we had wedding planning quite heavy in the rotation at the time, so the baby news sort of took a back seat.

Until today. Ali asked me to join them at their intro visit to the midwifery practice that they'll be using, because I would like to not only be present but also useful at the birth, and...


The estimate is that Little Zim is around 16 weeks old, and the due date is early to mid January.

This is pretty much the frosting on my cake right now! I try not to hyperventilate when I think about all.the.things.to.knit... a blanket? a bonnet? a sweater? a hat? a toy? Fourteen of each? Because that's not even the tip of the iceberg in terms of how many super amazingly beautiful patterns there are for each of those things.

Deep. Breaths.

I just smile when I ask Ali how she's feeling and she says, "I am HUGE," and... oh my, isn't she CUTE? Heheh.

I simply cannot wait.




I am SO excited for you! XOXO


Happy, happy, happy - all the best :-)


You will be the best grandma ever!! Don't you already have a few baby items on hand? I think you do. Well dressed will be an understatement. Congrats to the whole family.


Awww Congratulations!!! Its every. thing. its cracked up to be! :)


This is such wonderful news and I am thrilled THRILLED for all of you! Time to start knitting all.the.baby.things!


Such wonderful news! Congrats to you all!




Congratulations, your needles will be very busy!


yay!! What a fun and blessed time of anticipation. and knitting. all the (baby) things!


Congratulations to all! Heartbeats, oodles of baby knitting, and Little Zim ~ Hooray!


Oh Vicki, that's wonderful! She looks so happy.
And the knitting ahead-woot! You've already test run a few patterns for baby, right?


Congratulations! What happy news. Your daughter looks so pretty and happy!


Congrats....my 1st grandson arrives early Dec so I'm curious to know what you are knitting...so many choices...just not enough time...I am making the Holding Hands Blanket for starters.....

Cheryl S.

I'm very happy for you and your family.


How exciting for all of you! May all the lives involved be blessed with health and happiness. Oh, and handknits, of course, the hand knits! ;^)




More congratulations! ! Such exciting times.


Congratulations! What terrific news! They look ecstatic...


Congratulations! That is wonderful :)

(Not That) Joan

You are having quite the summer! Such happy news-- congratulations to all.


Huge? She has no idea what is coming...

Congrats to everyone involved. You will be the best granny EVAH! And that baby will be swathed in hand-knits from birth to age 18 and beyond.

Robin F.

Mazel Tov! (good luck and congrats)
What a wonderful addition to your family. Let the knitting commence.

Barbara S

Congratulations to you and the parents-to-be. So exciting....and all the knitting you can do!

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

What a beautiful mom-to-be! Congratulations to all!

Lisa Cann

long time reader with a great affinity for your life, congratulations huge news, Lisa (Ravelry-ljcoz)

Kelli ann

Congratulations to all!!! And: she ain't huge yet! She's radiant!!!!

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