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Life imitates

I saw a cartoon the other day about how a knitter prepares for travel. I can't find it right now, but I think I can easily summarize.

  • A few weeks before departure, knitter figures out which project to work on while traveling and commences to assemble required materials.
  • This, of course, is in addition to the WIP/contingency/mood projects already destined for packing.
  • Knitter then casts on the new project and gets a little start... to get a feel for materials and become familiar with the pattern, etc.
  • Two days before departure, knitter casts off the last stitch of the travel knitting project!

I daresay that baby knitting works just like that! I plan to knit a Chevron Baby Blanket inspired by the always lovely and inspiring Purl Bee... so many adorable projects! (There are some adorable PB sewing projects for baby that I'd like to make, too!) A blanket gets big and unwieldy to tote around, so, of course, there must be smaller, portable project(s) underway at all times. Pictured above is Little Heaume, the baby hat that I started on Saturday morning at the farmer market for just that purpose.

And (you may already know this), I finished the hat last night, except for the button, before I even cast on the first stitch of the blanket!!

Tired as I was, I stayed up to get started on that blanket, casting on and knitting two rows!

I don't have a portable project going at the moment, though.

It may take some practice to get my rhythm going!




That stuff about travel knitting couldn't be more true. I'm sure your baby knitting queue is growing longer by the minute!


I have no doubt you'll find a rhythm as the small projects are going to FLY off your needles!


I'm certain your rhythm is almost ready if not in place right now. You just needed to get that little bit finished, to start the "official" pile of knitted love. (or that's my theory!) I'm going to enjoy seeing the sweet things for little Zim appear find the coolest patterns.


Too funny - I searched for a month for a shawl project for my trip and brought...a sock. ;-) This is going to be fun to watch and congratulations to all!


Oh, the baby knitting. I can't even imagine walking into THAT one! There is so much adorableness out there . . .


You don't know how many of my sock yarn skeins/balls visited Israel with me just to return home as is... hehehehee

I am sure you will find that rhythm fast.

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