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Ten on Tuesday: Treats of summer

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Favorite Summertime Treats

Some of the best things about summer...

1. Pedicure(s)

2. Going barefoot... or wearing cute sandals

3. The occasional hot fudge sundae


Maddy was my market mate last Saturday

 4. Farmer market fare (not every week, never all.the.things, and always shared):

  • Orbits mini-donuts
  • Eggrolls
  • Springrolls
  • Kettle corn
  • New-this-year, still-to-try, wood-fired pizza!

5. Enjoying the fruits (vegetables) of our labor

Book club gathered at Waverly Beach on the north shore of Lake Winnebago

6. Dining/knitting/socializing al fresco

7. I love the sounds of summer: kids at the pool, the crack (or clink) of a bat meeting a ball, the roar of the crowd, the nice rumble of a motorcycle, the radio...

8. Cloud-watching and (new!) summer storm-chasing

9. Lazy hazy crazy days of summer -- enjoying every day

10. Day tripping... the Lake Michigan shore is an hour away!

When you live in a climate like mine, where winter is long, dark, and very cold, almost everything about summer can be considered a treat! There is such pleasure in simply opening a window and feeling a delicious breeze...




You are so right about everything about summer being a treat, especially when we think about the cold dark days of winter. And everything is better al fresco!


the Farmers Market is awesome. I can't go there hungry or it's very dangerous!


Your number seven, the sounds of summer, I relish them every day. I live with my windows open and only close them when it's nearing 100. I'm grasping on to summer days with both hands. Stay summer, stay.


Summer is a gorgeous, heady, drunk-on-sensation blurry dream that passes so quickly. I start to remind myself right about now that it won't last forever, must enjoy every day.


Everything about summer is good. Even the mosquitoes are worth it

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