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Wedding Shawls



This is a stunning shawl, quite quick to knit on size 7 needles, and not at all difficult. Julia's pattern is wonderfully written. I have found the upper lace-to-stockinette-to-garter edge to be a bit "flippy" and would probably work out something different there -- possibly making the stockinette section a bit wider (there was plenty of yarn left over). It's lovely as a shawl, and I've also worn it wound more tightly to the neck like a cowl. Yes, it is currently in my custody.


  • Mine is Frambuesa 
  • Make.Do BE - Merino/Nylon
  • Needle: US 6
  • Start to Finish: April 27 - June 13, 2013

Not happy with the stretchiness of my first "loose" cast-on, I ripped out the first version of Frambuesa that I knit and started again using a method by June Hemmons Hiatt in The Principles of Knitting. That resulted in a much better edge, and I'm delighted with how nicely the "points" look in these photos! This, also, was a well-written pattern and a very quick knit, also with plenty of yarn left over.

(Look for some commemorative red hexipuffs when that project is all said and done... someday!)

The patterns are available either individually, or as part of Julia's Mind of Winter Fire Collection, which also includes a beautiful pullover pattern.


I dyed the yarn once, knit the shawls, then over-dyed the finished shawls. The color turned out rich, deep, and luminous -- and pretty darn perfect.


Hm. I still need close-ups of my shawl!

Can you believe it's been three months already?!



gale zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Still the most adorable wedding ever! Love that red. Beautiful shawls, that color is truly perfect.


Love, love, love! And my girl's wedding is a week from tomorrow. Wish us luck!


gorgeous! and yes, time does fly... especially when you have so much to fill it up with!

Teresa C

Stunning. And the shawls are pretty, too.


Beautiful. Gorgeous color, gorgeous patterns, gorgeous gals!


Beautiful shawls for a beautiful day! The color is awesome and matches Alison's flowers perfectly.


Elegant shawls on two gorgeous women, celebrating a wonderful couple and their special day. Best wedding, best shawls, best colors ever!


Both shawls are exquisite---a beautiful wedding.


What wonderful shawls. The color match is so wonderful with both her shoes and her flowers. You've got a wonderful dye sense.


I absolutely can't believe it's been 3 months already. (Time is moving insanely fast these days!) Those shawls are gorgous; you are both gorgeous; and I can't think of a better color for a wedding than RED!

Kathode Ray Tube

You both look gorgeous, and the shawls are stunning. Hope you all had a blast!

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