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Ten on Tuesday: October Weekend

Knitting for Zim

Consider this a head start on tomorrow's Ten on Tuesday topic...

I've been wanting to get a handle on the state of things in the baby knitting department, and finally gathered up all that I could find.

This pile (above & below) is knit, seamed & all buttoned up -- Ready To Wear (some of it has already been worn!).

There are a few others I could add to this pile -- Demne and Wee Weasley, for sure!

From top to bottom:

These items are sized from newborn to about 3 years, maybe even 4. I knit Opptuna, Baby A, and both Wallaby sweaters for my nephews... I think Mack was still wearing his custom-ordered Wallaby when he was 4.

I believe I can scare up a couple of mislaid hats and probably some booties & socks, too, before January.

The three items above are in need of only buttons:

All of the above are in need of major work... seaming and other finishing! Two pullovers (one of them -- a preppy v-neck with pockets! -- is VERY well marinated), two cardis, Miss Dashwood (the earflaps were never secured), and a pair of just-finished baby pants.

I just remembered Le P'tit Mousse, awaiting sewing-up, stuffed in the bottom of my tote.

There's another cardigan on the needles (nearly finished with the knitting)...

Another "Vintage," too, on some other needles (not in love with it)...

And another hat in need of finishing somewhere, too.

And a blanket.

More on all of those soon before long, I hope!




You and your needles have been VERY busy! Great stuff.


whoa. that's a lot of baby knitting! Zim is truly going to be swaddled in love :-)


Zim is one lucky baby, a baby who will always know the value of wool.


Lucky Zim! Lots of wooly goodness.


This baby is going to be covered in wool, lucky little thing!


Wow! What a lucky baby. ;-)


WOW! You are amazing and baby Zim is going to be warm and hugged at all times!

But,rah were are the kipodim? surely they are an important part of the knitted welcoming party of the baby, no?


That little Zim will just be toasty warm and wrapped in Grandma-love! What fun for you. Lucky little Zim!


Look at all the cuteness! Zim is a fortunate baby. :D

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