Ten on Tuesday: October Weekend
And that's a wrap

Soup weather!

I made slow-cooker BBQ ribs last weekend, but the weekend before saw the first pot of soup for the season:


Before & after adding the coconut milk.

Moqueca! Almost just as I learned to make it in Brazil. I used a little less cod and a lot more shrimp... because that's the way I like it! Maybe one of these days I'll find what I need to make farofa, which would definitely be served with this soup.

Dinner is served!

And lunch the next day!

It's been overcast, rainy, and much cooler here the last few days... Soup Weather is definitely here and there'll be another pot bubbling on the stove today.

{ m e s s y  k i t c h e n }




YUMMY. :D Perhaps you/me can make this when I am home in the winter! <3


Fall has me thinking non-stop about soup. This has been on my mind ever since you posted it on FB and it will be first on my list when I return from Flag.
So happy to see someone else demolishes the kitchen when they cook!

Cheryl S.

Oh, yum. I love fish stews. This sounds marvelous.


I do believe we will have moqueca later this week...


That sounds so good. I'm printing the recipe and making it!


That soup looks fantastic! And yes, it is indeed soup weather. I've been contemplating chicken & rice over here.


Your soup looks delectable! I am amused that you felt compelled to label that last photo. I know a messy kitchen when I see one, which is all too often at my house. But if it has been made messy for a good cause, like a delicious dinner, I'll take it.


Oh, YUM! (And thanks for posting the "after" shot of your kitchen. I always think it's just ME and the way I cook. So this makes me fell better about things.) ;-)


Mmmm, that looks delicious!

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