Chicago weekend - part 2

Friday foolishness

Thor: The Dark World is on my short list for the weekend. (It's my birthday (week) and I can do what I want to!!) I recently watched the first Thor on Netflix and have been looking forward to seeing this on the big screen!

For now, how about a slumber party with Tom Hiddleston on the little screen:

Flippin' awesome.

Chicago was fun but it's been a busy week and I feel as though I've hardly even unpacked. Laundry, a little cleaning, cooking, some knitting, I have some bebe sewing projects that should get started, too.

The apartment also awaits; I sort of conveniently dropped that off my radar. I did clean up the new/used stove and ordered new drip pans. I guess I needed a break from that, and now that I'm recharged (sort of) it shouldn't take too much more. I believe the painting is finished -- even the porch -- and it looks great!

What's up for your weekend?




Sounds like you need some relaxing time this weekend. My Saturday is non-stop, but if I grocery shop tonight I'll have Sunday free! Happy TGIF,Vicki!


It's a long weekend for me so . . . a birthday party tonight, tomorrow I think we're going to set up the tee pee in the yard and hang out, and then Monday I'm hoping we can go to the movies and see Twelve Years a Slave.


Busy weekend for me -- packed with lots of fun things. Hoping to sneak in a bit of downtime here and there. . .

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