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Ten on Tuesday: To Be Thankful

Golden deliciousness


The process is not for the squeamish, but I channeled my inner Julia Child and muscled through. A good, sturdy kitchen shears is a must. That's the turkey right out of the oven. I transferred it on the rack to another pan and tented with foil, as directed, and after a :20 rest began to carve.

I will never cook a turkey any other way again. It was SO quick to cook, with none of incessant basting & worrying -- and I didn't get sick of it while it was still in the oven -- and it was SO much easier to carve, as well. Unless you're a family that makes big show of the carving-at-the-table (and we never ever were), I can't think of a good reason to roast a turkey any other way.

A co-worker told me today that he spied spatchcocked turkeys for sale at a local grocery chain; I have previously seen spatchcocked chickens available there.


In other news, I've begun the last color/section of Zim's knitted blanket and should have it finished just in time for the baby shower on Saturday afternoon!




That looks terrific! I've thought of trying it but haven't yet - perhaps a chicken first is the way to go.


Smith is on board with spatchcocking! We'll do a chicken this weekend and maybe turkey for Christmas. Yours looks divine!!


yum!! you've made me feel brave!


This is quite interesting! I probably won't be trying it this year, but that's basically because I'm a fairly lazy cook. The word "spatchcocked" just cracks me up!

Kathode Ray Tube

That looks delicious. We (well, let me be clear -- my husband) spatchcocked a chicken and grilled it a while back and it was wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving!

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