Friday foolishness


I'm not sure why it's taken so long to blog this little project.


I bought the yarn and pattern for this shawl about a year ago when I took a little birthday trip to the west coast.


It didn't take long to cast on, and I was finished in about a month.

It was a fun and very interesting to knit, with some different but very simple construction & stitch techniques, and it's completely reversible!

Marin by Ysolda Teague

I recall that when I unpinned it from blocking last year, I wished that it was slightly larger. If I knit it again -- and I might -- I'd probably go up a needle size.

I could probably block it a bit larger next time, too.

Anyway, I've been wearing it a ton this year. The color is fabulous with the knit jacket I've been wearing most, that someone recently described as being "raisin" colored. 


Originally, I was going to just post the photo above, write a few words, and call it a NaBloPoMo day. Ha. The light's not so great today -- and I may as well get used to that situation for the next six months -- but I managed a few FO photos. Progress!

Hope you had a good start to the weekend.




I think those photos are stunning - so dramatic with that lighting. And I love that pattern, especially the reversible part.


Oy! Now I want to knit this one too!

It looks amazing. Excellent job of knitting and photographing and both as usual.


I've always loved this shawl - it looks wonderful on you!


oooooh, pretty! your photography is so dreamy too.

Kathode Ray Tube

What a lovely shawl. Pics make it look brown but if you said raisin there must be other colors in there too!


The light and skies are incredible this time of year. Love the color you picked, it's prefect for you and Marin looks like a great project, one I need to do.


Just beautiful! (and, like Rachel, now I want one, too. . .)


Oh, great, now I have ANOTHER must-knit in my Ravelry favorites. Srsly, though, what a great scarf!

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